Holiday party in New York, United States – Party travel

There is probably no other city in the world where you can experience so much fun more than in New York. This city never sleeps; here you can experience the most incredible stories, because the city has a lot to offer. In addition to beautiful sights such as the statue of liberty and the Empire State Building, the night life in New York is equally iconic. With well known DJs who have played in big clubs all over the world coupled with cool clubs or chill out bars, there are no limits to what awaits visitors in New York. Many tourists always come here to celebrate, and experience something new. New York is also a place of contrasts, while you can see poverty and despair on one side, you can see gigantic gold-plated halls and stunning Suites and hotels on the other side. New York pulls visitors to it and you will have trouble resisting the metropolis.

Target Group, Main Travel Time & Climate In New York

Thanks to the 24-hour subway system, you have the ability to go from one district to another at any time even at night. Club hopping is extremely popular in New York, so your phone needs to be on you always, so as to communicate with friends and know which club might be the next stop.

New York is first and foremost growing in popularity among young adults aged between 18 and 23 years. Coincidentally, this is the age regulations for every club in New York, so you can go to the Club only if you are 18 and in some clubs and discos, alcoholic beverages are allowed for people who are 21 years old or above. Even New York has not been spared by the smoking ban, anybody who wishes to smoke, must do so mostly in front of the door of the respective clubs.
New York City is located in a zone that is similar to the climate in Western Europe. In other words, in the summer it is very hot in most cases while it gets very cold in the winter. You can experience the warmest days in New York in the months of June to September. During this period, the thermometer can rise quickly over 30 ° degree. On the coldest days the average temperature is mostly minus 10° up to minus 20° degree.

Holiday party in New York

Well-known Clubs, Discos & Bars in New York

The greenhouse is currently one of trendy clubs, both for young people and the more matured folks. The greenhouse’s goes green in the truest sense of the word, because there are only recyclable products. Here you get not only the best music, but also an incredibly good service and great events around the clock.

In the marquee, it is above all the special ambience that is striking. Everything is incredibly bright and gives an elegant impression, but if you think that it is quieter here, then you are wrong. The marquee impresses not only with a stunning light show, but also with a number of world-class DJs, making things happen in the club. There is always something happening at Marquee.

Whoever visits the Pink would need a break from visiting other clubs in NY. The lounge is absolutely wonderful for those who like come and relax. Here, all your needs are taken care of. With “chill-out” music, intoxicating scents and great cocktails, you are certainly in for a great time.

Wouldn’t you rather dance the whole night without interruption? That is what Amnesia offers. The Club has many highly decorated DJs on the mixing desk, ranging from Tiësto and David Guetta. The club got a makeover and is now better than ever before, not only in terms of prices, but also in terms of services.  And a special feature has to offer the amnesia. Nowhere else in New York would you have the opportunity to see Trapeze artists at work, just five meters above the dancing guests, a stunning highlight that you would never miss.

How to get to New York

By plane

If you want to get to New York sooner, then coming through air makes it easier. It would take a flight approximately eight hours from most countries in Europe to New York. From airports such as Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich, you can fly around the clock into the metropolis. If what you seek is a low-cost option, then you would opt for a flight via Amsterdam, the flight hours here is longer but at least it would save you the money you would spend in New York.

With the ship

New York can be reached with the ship, you must bring out a lot of time, because the journey lasts one to two weeks.