New Orleans Vacation: Jazz Festivals

New Orleans is the largest city in the U.S. State of Louisiana. Known as the “Birthplace of Jazz“, New Orleans especially for music lovers is a true Mecca, due to the numerous musical events that happen in the city. The “Crescent City” in the South-East of the United States delights tourists and above all party-goers from all over the world with pleasant temperatures, great musical festivals, original locations and the legendary Mardi Gras. If what you are looking for is party, great music and motivated peers, you got it right here!

Also from a cultural point of view, New Orleans has a lot to offer, the French QuarterVieux Varré” for example attracts thousands of tourists every year. On vacation in New Orleans and you don’t have a car, don’t worry; a ride on the tram is not only practical but also an experience in itself. After Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans shines again in the luster and shows up as a lively metropolis. If you embark on a party Travel in the United States, without a visit to New Orleans, then you definitely missed out on something great.

Target Group, Main Travel Time & Climate in New Orleans

A special attraction is New Orleans music-loving students, which is so because the city offers the suitable events and locations for all ages. In planning your trip you should take note of the time and dates of the Festivals so that none is accidentally missed, late April to early May for example, is the date for the 10-day jazz and Heritage Festival, short Jazz Festival. Known, popular, as well as upcoming talented musicians will be here, right where you are. In addition to jazz and blues, there are also performances from the R & B, rock, rap, country, Zydeco and other music genres.

Also take note of mid-April on your calendar, which is the time for the French Quarter Festival. Over 800 musicians play up here for the party-hungry masses. The Carnival, which probably is the most visited and best-known event in New Orleans, is held every year. A special spectacle is the Mardi Gras which was held for the first time in February 1857. There are several large processions that end in a single large party always on Shrove Tuesday.

New Orleans is in the catchment area of hurricanes, and because the city has low level of elevation, it is often affected by floods. The most famous of the hurricanes is the Hurricane Katrina of 2005. The city was almost completely flooded and covered with trash and debris.

The general temperatures are very mild. In January; maximum of 5 ° C. which rises up to 32 ° C by July and August. With an average temperature of 29-30 degrees the months of May to September is the best period to make a trip to New Orleans.

New Orleans vacation


Well-known clubs, discos and bars in New Orleans

  • Ampersand Club
    The Ampersand Club is a nightclub inspired by Europe and the South Beach. The stylish and noble Club is a cosmopolitan flair and convinces with excellent drinks and regular prominent guests. Actors and musicians such as Sandra Bullock, Jason Statham and Lenny Kravitz are always happy to visit and mingle with other guests. Ampersand has a lot to offer and wow its guests with.
  • Metropolitan
    The nightclub in a two-storey warehouse offers not only an exclusive environment but also best dance music. With DJ Ronnie Roux on the mix, you know its going to be music at its finest and the dance hall can confirm that. Every few weeks you will find famous DJs at the Metropolitan Club. The bartenders take care of guests around the clock, mixing all kinds of cocktails.
  • Bar Uncommon
    A more intimate but no less amusing evening can be spent in the bar uncommon. The colorful, retro-style bar is an insider tip for cocktail lovers. Master Mixer Chris McMillan and his team dominate their craft perfectly, with innovative cocktail mixtures that would make such marvelous taste. In a pleasant atmosphere with soothing jazz sounds in the background, you can let the day end here and charge up for other adventures in New Orleans.
  • The Venue
    This Club is a must especially for singles. Funk, soul, hip hop and House are just a selection of the styles of music that are played here. The venue offers the largest dance floor in the whole of New Orleans, which is so convenient for those who just want to come and dance away their problems.

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How to get to New Orleans

By plane to New Orleans

The fastest you can get is with an airplane across the pond. The largest airport in New Orleans is the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport which is located in the suburb of Kenner. Flight time and a stopover will be approximately 14 hours.