Miami Vacation: Party & Sun on Miami Beach


MiamiMiles of beaches, stars and legendary clubs and bars can be held in the same breath with the city in South of Florida. The coolness of the city spreads, automatically attracting more visitors and guarantees a stunning holiday party destination. Every year the local party people are expanded by the influx thousands of tourists from the United States and around the world who spend their holidays here. On Ocean Drive, the most famous street in the “magic city“, can night life be fully immersed in – here it is never quiet. Also on the Miami Beach, numerous bars and lounges lined up where you can sip a cocktail in a relaxed atmosphere, and admire the sunset.

In early Aprils, the Miami Beach witnesses countless number of students for the legendary Spring Break (spring break)where they come to celebrate and belong to the most famous spring breaks in the United States in addition to Cancun  and Florida.

Miami is considered to be “exudes” for people of Latin American origin. So here Colombians, Cubans, Mexicans come and mingle with each other and enjoy life in the magic city. The Everglades, a national park with pure and unspoiled nature is one of the Sights and Attractions near Miami.

Also from a sporting point of view, Miami has much to offer. For one, there are many different city parks and Sport Centers, where you can work out. The Beach and the Sea also offer itself to push athletics who see the beach sand as the best place to run and train on. On the other hand, Miami is the hometown of many internationally renowned teams (Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers). Miami also often is used as the venue of the Super Bowl.

Target Group, Main group & Climate in Miami

Of course, Miami is a great vacation destination for all ages, especially for students because of the popular spring break. Basically, it can be said that Miami is worth a trip for everyone. Especially those looking for Sun, beach and party, it is all right here. From a party standpoint, Miami is a guarantee for hot parties with its great atmosphere.

An annual average temperature of 28.2 degrees suggests a drop in the arctic temperature up to a maximum of 15 degrees. By April off the temperature is at least 20 degrees. The maximum temperatures are felt from July to September, during these months, the Sun and the sea can be enjoyed best.

Miami vacation

Well-known Clubs, Discos & Bars in Miami

    • Cameo Nightclub
      The cameo nightclub is a well frequented Club in Miami Beach. Even the presentation of the Club is jaw dropping.  The Club opens from 11pm to 5 am on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Theme nights such as the “original lap dance Tuesday” guarantee fun and unforgettable evenings. Another highlight is the clash of the DJs, a battle of the DJs extraordinaire.
    • LIV Nightclub
      At the Fontainebleu hotel in Miami Beach is the LIV nightclub, one of the most famous clubs in Miami. The hotspot is a trendy meeting place for people who want to turn the night into day and want to celebrate the American way. The club is open on Wednesdays; Fridays to Sunday. Celebrities such as Rev Run and Max Vangeli are popular faces here.
    • Mansion
      The mansion is a club that offers multi-level non-stop party. Models and Hip-Hop stars are often seen. The Mansion is very popular and with DJ Craze there to blaze things up and set the mood, you are sure to be impressed. The mansion promises an unforgettable evening.
    • Mynt Lounge
      This here is for the rich, famous and extremely cute and that is literally saying. You get to register well before hand and be included in the online guest list only if you meet those criteria mentioned. The club is frequently graced by celebrities such as actors Colin Farrell and Cameron Diaz, musicians such as Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, and it girls like. This Club promises a stunning party from which you wouldn’t want to go home.
    • Nikki Beach Club Miami
      The legendary Nikki Beach Club is located on the Ocean Drive. You can eat, drink and simply chill, and in the evening you can go clubbing. The Club is characterized by the little walking top style and friendly staff.

    No matter what Club, it is holiday bar or discotheque in Miami, you should get yourself acquainted with the dress codes, so you wouldn’t have the bouncers put the fear of God in you.

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How to get to Miami

With the plane to Miami

The fastest to way to get to Miami, obviously is by plane. The Miami International Airport plays host to 35 million passengers a year on and off. There’s approximately 10-15 hours to fly from Europe to Miami. Several airlines such as Lufthansa, Swiss airlines and Austrian Airlines offer weekly flights in the metropolis.

With the ship to Miami

Of course, Miami  is accessible with the ship. The port of Miami is the largest cruise port in the world, and the ninth-largest container port. This type of check is but very time consuming 🙂