Party vacation in Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas is the largest city in the U.S. State of Nevada. It is known for its large number of casinos. The party city of Las Vegas is in the middle of the Nevada desert. There are phenomenal skyscrapers with abstract architecture in the Sky Tower. A Million lights illuminate the dark sky at night. In Las Vegas, the night becomes the day. Tourists always come to celebrate and party in Vegas, because the whole city is designed for entertainment and entertainment only. In Las Vegas, each hotel has its own casino and clubs. No city in the world is comparable to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the city that knows no bounds.

Target Group, Main Travel Time & Climate in Las Vegas

A holiday party in Las Vegas is a must, at least once in a lifetime. Las Vegas is known for the many parties, casinos, events, and whatever kind of open-mindedness the visitors came with. Las Vegas is very popular with young adults aged between 20 and 25 years, and since gambling is legalized in Las Vegas, European tourists visit more often than not. Anybody who makes vacation trip to Las Vegas alone doesn’t remain so for long. The warmest months in Vegas are June, July, August and September, with air temperatures of around 35-42 ° C. These are the best times to come to Vegas.

Party vacation in Las Vegas

Well-known Clubs, Discos & Bars in Las Vegas

  • Studio 54 (Website)
    A must for anyone who wants to experience disco party in Las Vegas! The style is that of the “real” Studio 54 modeled in New York and therefore continued the same looks held since the 1970s. Club Studio 54 offers up varieties in terms of music, Sexy GoGo dancers animate and light up the party-happy audience. The naked dancers, who are locked up in cages, which hang from the ceiling, are a special highlight.
  • Ghost Bar (Website)
    The Ghost bar is the coolest bar / club in Las Vegas. Cool because the Ghost bar is currently open to all age brackets, from young to old. It is also cold and somewhat scary due to the very cold-looking furnishings and lighting. Here you will meet celebs and stars daily, but you should come early because the crowd you would find at the door would be greater than the capacity of the Ghost bar. The entry price is relatively cheap: men pay $20, women $10. As in most other Clubs and Discos in Las Vegas, there is a dress code in the Ghost bar.
  • Drai’s After Hour (Website)
    The Drai´s after hour is clearly the best after hour Club in Las Vegas. At Drai’s After Hour, the beautiful daytime experience is turned into a night of clubbing and partying throughout the whole outdoor and indoor space. The club opens at 1:00 am and rocks until after sunrise.
  • Coyote Ugly (Website)
    The Coyote Ugly is located at Hotel New York. The Club is everything your conventional club is not, no fancy drinks, interior design or even fancy named DJs, it is just…COYOTE UGLY! Sexy girls dancing on the bar while “properly” serving the guests – in every way! Here men are welcome in the bar but never on the bar. There is no dress code in the Coyote Ugly of course…less is more!
  • TAO (Website)
    The Tao, in the Venetian hotel is not only a nightclub, but also restaurant and bar where the Asian lifestyle is celebrated.The DJs are top notch, and prices are relatively affordable and the dress code is upscale-casual, collared shirts, buttoned down and dress shoes for the men. Baseball hats and tennis shoes aren’t allowed.

Videos of Las Vegas

AZURE – the luxury-pool party

Paul van Dyk in the Tao Club

Impressive pictures from Las Vegas

Getting to Las Vegas

Recommendation: Arrival by plane

A flight from Europe to Las Vegas is the best and fastest means of transport. The flight takes approximately 12-15 hours. The time difference is 9 hours. Flights from Munich (MUC) to Las Vegas (LAS) are rarely offered as non-stop flights. The flight time with a stopover  is therefore about 14 Hours and 05 minutes (no direct flight – 1 stop). The slightly longer version is a flight from Munich (MUC) to Chicago (ORD) to Cincinnati (CVG) and from there to Las Vegas (LAS). For this flight, one must reckon with a flight time of approximately 18 hours and 21 minutes (no direct flight – 2 stops).
Image source: wikimedia, David_Vasquez, joepyrek, sarcastic ShockwaveLover/FP nominees