Party Travel and Sex Tourism Pattaya Nightlife

walkingstreet-pattayaIn the eastern part of Central Asia, the internationally renowned seaside resort Pattaya is located on the Gulf of Thailand.

Just 2 hour drive from the international airport Bangkok, it is located 160 km further north the capital of Bangkok, Pattaya is one of the most famous and popular destinations for tourism. This city extends over a length of 15km along the coast and has a lot of diverse showings. Pattaya has planty of bars and Nightclubs like 808 or Insomnia, what Party all night. The best GoGo Bars are Sensation, Sephire and Baccarad on the Walking Street.


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Walking Street Pattaya

Pattaya Soi 6

What do you find in the entertainment mile and which are the most popular?

Pattaya red light area is divided into several roads. Most establishments are English speaking and Soi Diamond and the walking Street are probably the most well known streets in the countless entertainment areas. The two inputs of these roads are marked with illuminated signs.

The night-time pedestrian road of walking Street attracts many sex tourists, and on this walking street are numerous shops and bars, massage parlor, beer bars and restaurants.


History and development of sex tourism in Pattaya

The Viet Nam war which ended in 1976 left a very strong mark in the former fishing village. The village recovered gradually and slowly and because Pattaya was located near a sea and because of the over population of the already established exotic beaches all over Europe and South-America, it slowly established itself as a sex tourist center.

 The demand for such holiday travel increased and as a result locals realized more and more what the traveler would really like if he spends his holidays there. ‘Lust mile’ District was the name given to the city when construction of over 40,000 hotel rooms began in 1986, even up to 1993.

New development with a chance to change direction?

Pattaya made a lot of money through this kind of sex tourism, but its image suffered greatly. The reputation of sex tourism held by the place, made many families with children not to want to spend their holidays there.

 Efforts were made to make the city family friendly again, so some beach courses and sport programs were introduced for children’s holidays. Family hotels were also built, but these didn’t do much to help the already tarnished image of the place, as the demand for sex never really stopped.

If what you want is just to relax on the beach in the sunshine and enjoy some good and peaceful time, then you should stay away from Pattaya, especially if you find the idea of commercial sex offensive.

Pattaya nightlife and sex tourism

Over 30,000 prostitutes offer their bodies for the paid love. They are mainly young Thai girls who must by this work earn a living or to feed their families. Thailand has tightened the law of child prostitution, so now clear rules exist to protect minors.

The rates of women and the time that they spend with a client, are completely different. It has nothing to do with personal “talent” or “Technology”. There are love hotels where you can take the prostitutes and one of them is there at the beach.