Party Island Koh Samui Nightlife

koh-samui-arkbarA perfect island holiday or – the Thai island of Koh Samui meets all tourist needs. Especially after 2004, when the big tourist centres in Thailand were destroyed by the tsunami, the third largest island of the country experienced a huge rush of visitors. The idyllic island was virtually unaffected by the giant waves, and evolved from the former paradise of the opt-out to the tourist stronghold. The most popular clubs are the Reggae Pub, ARK Bar, the Brewery, and the Green Mango.


Koh Samui Nightlife video



Chaeweng – party until the early morning

It is quite different to the Chaeweng beach. Here the throbbing nightlife is raging, with an unmistakable parallels to the Mallorcan beer mile.

 One of the attractions is the ‘Fullmoonparty’ copied from the neighboring island of Ko Phangan. There are famous DJs like Sven Väth who switch plates in the discos and properly warm up the party people.

Map of Koh Samui


Koh Samui – of opt-out to the stronghold of the tourist paradise

The island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand 650 kilometers from Bangkok was initially host to only a few travelers who dropped out of Ibiza and Bali when it all became over crowded. It is called “Palm Island” because of its many Palm trees, which were planted for the purpose of turning the place into a tourist center.  

Today, Koh Samui is popular as a paradise for seniors citizen who are looking spend their retirement years in peace and also for those who want to experience a peaceful island vacation on beautiful beaches.

The beaches of Bo Phut and big Buddha Beach in the Northeast are also places where beach lovers get their money  money’s worth, with some beautiful atmosphere.

Entertainment for every taste

The 3 km long beach of Chaeweng is one of the main attractions of the island. Surfers will find ideal conditions for their sport at Lamai beach. In addition to boat trips and scuba diving, visitors can try the bungee jumping or rock jumping. Bullfights and high-speed boat trips are also on the program, and there is also a site for paintball shooting.

Extended shopping spree is also provided in the streets, there is everything the tourist heart yearns for, you can buy German beer and other things you might need. Tourists never complain about boredom on Koh Samui.

It was alleged that the Koh Samui has lost its beauty since the invasion of tourists. Many palm trees have disappeared, and new hotel constructions have been put in place. It is to be hoped that the problem is managed properly so the former paradise doesn’t become a nightmare overnight.