Half Moon Party on Koh Phangan in Thailand


The Half Moon Party on Koh Phangan attracts especially Goa and trance fans and it is already as popular as the full moon, which is organized two times each month in the jungle of ban Tai. It is advisable to book hotels and bungalow in advance in the south of Koh Phangan if you are attending the moon party.

 The special atmosphere of the half moon party in the middle of the jungle makes this fantastically beautiful event and gives you a very special feeling. The Half Moon Party Forrest will take place twice a month at ban Thai. At this party Festival and in the background, you would hear Goa and trance music in the foreground.

International DJs, VJs and Artists provide the right mood on the half moon party. The excellent sound system ensures the correct Goa Trance Beat. There are two large dance floors; three bars provide drinks and snacks. The whole area around the half moon party is covered with glowing UV 



Half Moon Party @ Ban Tai, Koh Phangan Thailand

Half Moon Party Koh Phangan