Full moon party on Koh Phangan in Thailand

full_moon_party-300x200Experience the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan in Thailand. Every month 10000-20000 visitors come to Koh Phangan to Haad Rin Beach to take part in the Big Beach Party (Full Moon Party). The DJ’s from Thailand and all over the world put there techno, trance, Goa, house music, hip hop and Reagea up to the current top 10 hits for everybody to dance to all night long.


Huge speakers fill the 600 m-long beach of this Mega Event. The full moon party with its special atmosphere is a must for anyone who likes to celebrate and dance to good music. 

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Full moon party advice

Koh Phangan is famous for its full moon party which takes place every month on the full moon night. 

Things worth noting when you visit the full moon party.

  • Drink water regularly to avoid a dehydration
  • Take no drugs of unknown substance(consequence: prison or hospital)
  • Do not drive the vehicle under alcohol influence or drugs. (Alternative: taxi)
  • Take none of your valuables along, they are easily lost or stolen.
  • Take only as much money as is required.
  • In the days of the full moon party book a bungalow on Haad Rin Beach
  • The party is held on the Haad Rin, located on the South Beach.

The full moon party begins at dusk when the Moon rises over the white sand beach, and until it goes right down, you can just sit on with friends on a round table or on the beach and sip on your drinks.

Make sure you dispose the wastes in the waste disposing bins provided there, dont litter waste everywhere, because these are some of the reasons why the authorities want to stop the festival.

Geographical information; Ko Phangan is located 60 km northeast of the Thai mainland. It is the second largest island, named after the island approximately 15 km southwest, Samui archipelago (Muu Ko Samui). There are also 60 other islands; including Ko Tao and Ko Nang Yuan and 40 islands of Ang Thong National Park (scene of the novel “The Beach”, but not the location of the film). Directly off the coast of Ko Phangan are a series of very small (approximately 1 km² and smaller) uninhabited islands such as Ko Tae NOK and Ko Tae Nai in the West, Ko MAA in the Northwest and Ko Kong than Sadet in the East.

The Interior of the country is largely mountainous and covered with rainforest and secondary forest. Highest mountain is the 635 m high Khao RA in the North of the island.

Thong Sala (ท้องสาลา) is the capital and main port. Following regular ferry services are:

  • from Thong Sala to the capital of the province Surat Thani on the Mainland.
  • from Thong Sala by catamaran ferry without climbing on Koh Tao to Chumphon, also on the Mainland, and from there continue with same company by bus to Bangkok.
  • from Thong Sala to the Northern neighboring island of Ko Tao,.
  • from Thong Sala to NA Thon and Mae Nam on Koh Samui and
  • Haad Rin to Bo Phut (Koh Samui).