Black Moon party on Koh Phangan in Thailand


The BlackMoonParty is the counterpart to the FullMoonParty, where trance music is primarily played and the party always takes place at full moon and it attracts thousands of people every year.

Koh Phangan is the party island in Thailand where The Black Moon party held and it is always decorated with UV lights and sculptures. Normally, all locations as of 1:00 are not closed at the famous Moon parties.

Good vibes and best sound are guaranteed on the Black Moon Party. The DJs are mostly local, but they are good.



blackmoonpartymapThe Black Moon party takes place in located in the South of ban Tai beach.

Blackmoon Party” outside ban Tai (on the road to Hadrin Beach),

The original “Black Moon” culture “is another party of the island that takes place under the open sky, on a beach in ban Tai on the fluorescent decorations with local DJs, such as SABAI-SABAI, they play with progressive beat and underground trance Mac Bay Beach.


Black Moon Party – Koh Samui – Thailand