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bangkok-nightBangkok, also known as “City of Angels” or “Venice of the East”, as the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand offers many attractive focal points and a colorful life. 9 million inhabitants live in Bangkok. The town is economically ambitious and West-oriented. Visitors will find everything that makes a carefree holiday experience, modern hotels offering every conceivable luxury, theatre, nightclubs, huge shopping center and event Park. Most attractions can be reached by means of an elevated railway.

More than 400 temples and a variety of colourful markets attract the tourists who do not have to worry during the excursions to the physical well-being. A variety of excellent but simple food stalls can be found throughout the city.

Levels Nightclub in Bangkok



The nightlife for young Thais is the Royal City Avenue, or better known as RCA. Several discotheques like Route66 and Onyx with exterior lie side by side here. Among other things, also the Club Astra is located.



Interesting upscale clubs are the Insonity Nightclub and Levels in Sukhumvit SOI 11 or the narcissus (House/dance).

Bangkok nightlife, Bangkok at night

Whoever wants to experience the Bangkok nightlife, which has a lot to offer should visit the clubs which are frequented by locals. These include the Club 808 and the bed Supperclub, there are also upscale restaurants in Bangkok. The Banjan tree offers exquisite dishes on the roof of the hotel, combined with a magnificent view on the life of the city, as well as the Sirocco, a bar with equally stunning panoramic views. The buffet at the Oriental Hotel is enormously expensive.

The Contrasts of the city of Bangkok

The Bangkok nightlife offers its visitors many contrasts. Simple and affordable night clubs, which can be visited in shorts and sandals, but also maintained clubs, which should be visited as already described, even in well maintained clothing. The Patpong night market, a bar in the dance not only pretty girls, but also a really good live music is offered is well known and popular with male visitors. “Nana entertainment Plaza” you will find countless bars and facilities, whose exploration require more than just one night. The entertainment Plaza is very popular among most visitors and should be planned in each Bangkok nightlife tour with. Other places to visit are still das Bangkok Nightlife Khao San Road and the Bangkok nightlife SOI cowboy Sukhumivit road.


In Bangkok, traffic is very confusing, therefore the use of a car is not recommended. The use of Tuk Tuks, taxis, small boats or Skytrain is more likely.

In Bangkok, “The village in the plum Grove”

Bangkok literally means village in the plum Grove. The city is divided into 50 districts. The former settlement of today’s Bangkok dates back to a settlement of the Dutchman by 1622. Bangkok is cosmopolitan and has twinned with Washington, Moscow, Beijing, Seoul and Chaozhou. The District of thon Buri is located on the West Bank of the Chao Phraya River and has many branched, small channels. Sukhumvit district is famous for the long Sukhumvit Road, a hub of the Skytrain. North is the district Ratchadaphisek connected sic. For those who would like to visit colourful weekly markets, should visit the district Phahonyothin. Chinatown can be found in the district. Bangkok nightlife and financial life can be found in the District of Silom.