Party Holiday in Thailand – Holiday Bugs

thailand_mapThailand is known for Sex Vacation, but that’s not entirely true, there are also beautiful beach parties and in the towns of Pattaya and Bangkok, and there is even the full moon party on Koh PhanganKoh Samui, where you will meet thousands of people every month.

A Thailand Trip party can vary from €400 to €1000; although the season is the determining factor. Other cities in Thailand have much to offer too, cool clubs, and beautiful women all at a cheap price.


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Thailand, the land in which respect prevails

Thailand is the land of smiles, courtesy and cleanliness, and if you are looking for a cheap exotic vacation then you should fly to Thailand. Booking for a flight to Thailand is best done through the internet, as it is way cheaper and stress free. You should however make sure you have your international driving license and a credit card, but for German nationals, their normal driver’s license would do.

Driver’s license is very important in Thailand, because without it, the fault would automatically be yours in any case of accidents. You also need the credit card for the booking of rental cars on site or the reservation of hotel rooms on the Internet.

Cheap bookings via the Internet

Hotel room booked in Thailand via the internet is far more favorable than booking in the travel office, because here, placement fees will be added. The hotel rooms are always very clean, no matter how cheap they are.

Stay on a humble track, don’t go bragging about your wealth and how much money you have, because it wouldn’t go down well with the security personnel. You should be quiet and behave respectfully and restrained. The Thais are a very respectful people and expect this behavior from their visitors. Behave accordingly, and you would be treated likewise.

Car driving in Thailand

It is very convenient to travel within the country. You can book low – budget domestic flights via the Internet, but also with bus and train travel. The transport network in Thailand is well built, so you can also use a car.

In Thailand, not every car is insured, because the liability insurance is not a compulsory one, so you should be careful not to be involved in accidents, because you might not get any special treatments as a tourist. It would be assumed that you know about Thai and its traffic laws.

Buses and trains in Thailand

To travel by train is very convenient. About 700 km long train trips cost around 20 Euros. The trains are clean and safe, but always arrive very late, and if you plan to travel by night through train, you should take with you warm clothing or a cover for the open-plan sleeping compartments, so as not to catch a cold. You should avoid ferries and boats should, because they are often overloaded and sink quickly.

 When traveling by bus you should avoid the back seat, if you don’t want to be considered rude. The back benches of the buses are traditionally reserved for the monks.

Nobody stays hungry

The Thai traditional food is rice and they always like it with soup for breakfast. If you intend to organize a Thailand trip yourself, you don’t need to worry about food, because there are food stalls found everywhere along the road, and they sell good and cheap food. The food is always very spicy in Thailand, but it is easy to digest.

Climate and seasons

The weather is humid and warm. When choosing a hotel room, make sure there’s an Air conditioner or at least fan. The actual rain / winter time is during the summer months, from May to October. In the winter, from November to February it is rather cool, and then hot from March to May.

 Temperatures of 40 ° c can be expected, it can often cause forest fires. The period from November to March is considered therefore as the peak tourist season and is consequently the most expensive. Therefore, it is not a good idea to travel to Thailand with children during the summer holidays.

Before visiting Thailand, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with their customs and traditions so as not to go into conflicts and misunderstanding with the locals. They are traditionally courteous and respectful hosts, and they expect the same from visitors and tourists.