Party Holiday Tenerife Nightlife


Tenerife has everything you can expect from a vacation, nice evening programs that would make an ideal holiday destination for tourists and vacationers on the Canary Island.  If you are looking to throw a holiday party, then come to the South of  the Island with your pocket loaded, because here most of the hottest discos and clubs of Tenerife offer the best night life you would ever for.

Versatile Range Of Fun & Excitement

The actual life of the party starts at Tenerife after midnight and whenever the nightclubs and bars are empty then you know the restaurants are full to the brim because that’s where everybody would be.  A culinary meal provides the best basis for the Tenerife nightlife, especially in Playa de las Americas or Los Christiano on the southern part of the island.

Everyone can find the music that suits their taste, with 80’s music and contemporary genres, all at Party Holiday in Tenerife. If you want to enjoy the Tenerife Nightlife, then you should minimize your agenda, because the nights here are definitely not for sleep.

Below are some of the most popular clubs and discos of the Tenerife nightlife:

-in Playa de las Americas:

Disco pub CHICS
Flying Dutchman
Tramps nightclub
The mett bar

-in Adeje:


-in San Cristobal de la Laguna:

Blues bar
Café Teatro 7
O clock
El monkey

-in Los Cristiano:

Magic bar

An island for the whole year

It is always a big celebration on the Island during the Carnivals. It is such a wonderful time to be on the Island, with both locals and visiting tourists looking to book a spot and have a feel of what is going on.  This is when the fun and excitement at Tenerife is at its peak. That means you should do well to book your flights and accommodation on time, if you are to be one of the first sets, and avoid rush.

Experience Great Fun Away From The Discos And Clubs

There is a great experience at Party Holiday Tenerife Discos, Clubs, Pubs and Bars but there are other avenues for fun on the Island too. There are numerous Casinos on the Island, as well as Cinemas and Theatres for those looking for a more sophisticated evening entertainment. There are also the Cafes, where you can sit and enjoy the balmy nights until the late hours of the night. Been here would of course mean that you would rely on the entertainment programs of the Hotels that own the Cafes, which isn’t nice at all, given you came for Party Holiday Tenerife.

All in all Party Holiday Tenerife offers extremely vast arrays of fun package, so you won’t get bored at all on the island. The Tenerife nightlife excites both young and old alike and makes for unforgettable experience all through your stay on the island.