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With vast landscape, Mallorca presents itself as the perfect place for night life. On the Hot Disco Nights in Mallorca, everything is possible; you get to meet new people and party from dusk till dawn. The most famous Party Center is the El Arenal, in the southeast of the long Bay of Palma with Countless Pubs, Beer Gardens, clubs and Discotheques awaiting your arrival – even Alps atmosphere with ski chalets and German hits are distributed under the Southern Sun. But also in other resorts, plenty of variety offered to guests in discos and pubs.

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Mallorca (Latin insula maior, later Maiorica – “the larger island,” compared to Menorca) is an island in the Western Mediterranean to Spain, approximately 170 kilometres from mainland Spain at Barcelona.

Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands group, which along with the Ibiza and Formentera as Spanish region forms an autonomous community within the Spanish State. The capital of the Balearic Islands, Palma is located on Mallorca. Official languages are Catalan and Spanish.

Mallorca’s Tourists 

The majority of the tourists and guests come from Germany and the United Kingdom. Almost the symbol of German mass, Mallorca Island offers another form of home and Magaluf a major holiday resort in Mallorca has a similar meaning to the English tourism. There is also a significant number of tourists in the Serra de Tramuntana, hiking or biking with about 35,000 foreign residents who have settled in Mallorca and have become parts of its society.

Mallorca’s Climate

The short winter is mild due to the moist of the island. In rare cases there may be snowfalls, especially in the mountains, however in the summer months, it rains hard. The temperatures in the Interior can then reach over 40 ° C.

As of the end of August, brief heavy rains are accompanied by storms and possibly thunderstorms, making October the wettest month of the year statistically. This can lead to local flooding, when the torrents can no longer hold the amounts of water that come from the sea.

The end of December until January sees windless and mild weather; there is a feeling of calm. The small summer in January leads to the almond blossoms that gives a completely different outlook of the island as opposed to the dried-out landscape in summer.