Party holiday in Calella, Spain

Lloret de Mar, Cala Radjada or also Marbella is considered the party hotspots in Spain, but who can tell right away what you can experience in Calella? Hardly anyone, and that’s because it is just a small fishing village which didn’t have anything to offer in terms of entertainment and tourism, that’s until in the 1970’s when it became a tourist center and since then, it has been growing from strength to strength. Right now, anybody who happens to come to Barcelona wouldn’t miss a visit to Calella, because it is only 57 km from the Catalan metropolis.

Calella is situated on the Costa del Maresme, and was built in the 1970s to the tourist resort.  Today, Calella has about 19,000 inhabitants, and  for each of these residents, there are three tourists.  But not only hotels were built in the course of time, there were also many night clubs and discos which today gives  Calella the reputation as a party home and is always  open 24 hours a day.

Target Group, Main Travel Time & Climate in Calella

In Calella, there are two groups of travelers often found,  young people mostly under 30 years old from all over Europe and many families who appreciate the good prices in the small seaside resort on the Mediterranean Sea. The place used to be patronized by Spaniards only but now, you have the Germans, English, Scandinavians, Dutch, and also many young people from Austria and the Switzerland.

 Calella is noisy and colorful and if you don’t find someone there to connect with, you would only have yourself to blame. The seaside resort with its wide beaches, group tours especially popular because the locations are great, and the prices are reasonable.

Between May and September is when it all goes down, this is the period for the Calella parties because the winter is for retirees who are looking to unwind and spend some peaceful time.


Well-known clubs, discos and bars in Calella

Almost all the clubs and bars are located in the neighbourhood of El Faro and here you are virtually spoilt for choice.