Party Island Boracay Philippines

boracay-popcrawlThe party island of Boracay in the Philippines is the most popular party island in the whole Asia. Every year it attracts many party people from Asia, United States and Australia with the reasonable prices of the many beach bars and one of the best beaches in Asia (the white beach). The island is best visited during Easter and the period just before the new year’s Eve, because the main travel months are between November and may. The party Island offers nice water fireworks. If you wanne meet fast people and have fun, then try popcrawl and the fun is a garanty.



Clue: necessarily take care that it is also on one of the three boat Spier Hotel because there are also hotels on the other side of the island. It’s there but much calmer and also not a beautiful white beach.

Map of Boracay:

(click on map for larger view)Boracay Map



boracay-partyParty island of Boracay: If you ask people in the Philippines of the number 1 in terms of Party Islands, their response without a doubt would be Borocay or “Bora” for short. Not only due to its excellent white sand, but also the best place to be treated as if you were in paradise in the Philippines. All foreigners go to Borocay every year in the summer to relax from the stressful long months of work.

You have this place as the most suitable place for those who are close with nature and want to experience a great vacation.


People love to go for a Party Holiday in Boracay and be able be to rejuvenate and renew their minds and soul. If you are planning to visit the Philippines, then you must not miss this wonderful and amazing place called Boracay. With beautiful Crystal white sand, and the locals who always have place for you with a warm happy smiles and very warm hospitality of the Filipinos, i’d say you got everything you could possibly ask for.