Party holiday on the party island of IOS, Greece


There are countless Greek Islands, all of which guarantee an unforgettable holiday. Many of the Islands are known as party Islands, but there is an island in the main island for party people from all over the world and this island is called IOS. The IOS party Island is among the islands of the Cyclades and is located in close proximity to Santorini, Naxos and PAROS. IOS carries the nickname “Football Island“, but don’t let the name sway you because you can experience a relaxing holiday on the very charming island and throw parties, with picture worthy backgrounds in excess.

The party Island of IOS is located in the old town of Chora, the capital of the island and the other on the port of Gialos, which is connected by a long, steep staircase the city. On IOS, you can have breakfast in the evening and take as much beer as you would along with you, so you don’t fall off the frame of the staircase trying to order more while drunk.

A trip to the IOS would make you see the Islands in contrasting ways. On one hand, the IOS is a typical Greece Island with white houses and orthodox churches. On the other hand, you can find pubs after pubs on the party zone of the Harbour and old town. There are bars, clubs, lounges and restaurants for every taste and every budget. IOS is very inexpensive for a Greek island. There are accommodations starting from 11 euro per night in one of the many hotels. Those who are interested in the history of the island should go for a walk to the tomb of Homer, the great Greek poet died on the island of Cyclades.

Target Group, Main Travel Time & Climate on IOS

On the party island of IOS, you can meet people from all over the world. Americans are there as well as young Australians, and also Japanese take a trip during their European travels to IOS, to celebrate and have fun. You can also find Germans, Scandinavians and British. Bus tours for coming into the city are popular mainly in Sweden and Norway to IOS.

During the autumn, the islands get cold, chilly and uncomfortable, and when the winter approaches it gets quieter on the island. At IOS one will find hardly any tourists on older than 25 years and this young audience is what makes the island so interesting and exciting.
If you want to go to IOS to celebrate, dance and flirt, the months from May to October are the best time, because then there is the ideal party and beach weather at 35° degrees sometimes in July and August, as well as light sea breeze. The nights are warm with 24 ° degrees and this is ideal, if you want to party all night for example on the there.


Well Known Clubs, Discos & Bars on IOS


  • Aftershock Bar

Cool ambiance, popular DJs from all over Greece and professional dancers are here to warm up guests at aftershock bar in IOS. The Club is well known and very popular, because they can celebrate all night until dawn. There’s always a queue of people looking to get in and have a good time, so if you want to be part of it all, you need to come early enough.

The disco 69 is the oldest disco on the island; it was first opened in 1974. All those who want to drink and party all night, Disco 69 is the place to be. The prices are reasonable and that is perhaps one of the reasons why the Club is so popular with party-goers.

Loud, but very good music, a gorgeous garden and lots of people from all over the world – this is the famous red bull bar in the Centre of IOS. The bar is a popular meeting place for all those who are looking for a nice holiday, acquaintance or even more. The best time for hot flirts is between 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning, because then there are many party-goers, who are just coming from other clubs.

  • Jungle Bar

Formerly known among travelers as Dubliners, but was later renovated and got its name changed to jungle and it has since turned out to be one of the most popular clubs on the Island. The popularity makes is the reason its almost always crowded, you can barely get a seat at the counter. It never gets boring here, because the owners always come up with new exciting events to keep everyone on their toes.

Tequila and great service – These are the things that attract people to the bar every night. It is one of the most famous clubs in Chora and not only popular among the young folks, even the more advanced folks find it comfortable and attractive.

Videos of the party island of IOS

Swedish midsummer party on IOS

Wet T-Shirt Contest in the Far-Out Beach Club on IOS

Pictures of the party island of IOS

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Getting to IOS


By plane

IOS has no airport. You can either fly by plane to Athens and from Piräus take a ferry to IOS or you can fly to the neighbouring island of Santorini and take a boat from there.

With the car

There is practically only one direct connection to get to IOS, and that is the ferry. To take a car makes no sense, because on the small island, there are hardly any roads.