Party holiday on Rhodes, Greece

There is hardly another Greek island as the island in the Southern Aegean Sea, which is so rich in a variety of night life outlets, Clubs, bars and discos. If you come to the Rhodes and didn’t have fun, then you have yourself to blame, because there are some of the best clubs in the northern part of the island, with more open mindedness and less tradition. In addition to clubs, bars and pubs there are also some excellent restaurants with delicious local cuisine.

If one may believe the Greek mythology, then the island of Rhodes was a gift from the father of the gods Zeus to the Sun God Helios, who fell in love with Rhode, a woman of the island.

Poseidon looked after the island, with the 34 m high Colossus statue of Rhodes, which stands in the entrance of the port and was also one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

 Rhodes was an important and autonomous island which has withstood many sieges, including by Alexander the great in the year 400 BC. In the 2nd century BC, Rhodes was even the richest and most important island in the Mediterranean and only in the year 395, the island first fell to Rome and then later to Byzantium. In 1306 Rhodes came to Genoa and in 1912 was substantially destroyed by the Turks in the Second World War, but it later rebuilt and became part of Greece in 1948.

Target Group, Main Travel Time & Climate on Rhodes

The Greek Islands are always a good target for an vacations and this applies particularly to Rhodes. In the modern northern part of the island you will meet young people from all over Europe, who came with for youth or group tour to the island, to party and have fun.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and great beaches on Rhodes, then you should go to the more quiet Southern part of Rhodes. By the way, it is customary on Rhodes that flowers are sold in the clubs, bars and discos.

Rhodes has 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and between May and September almost no rain falls. In July and August temperatures of 40 ° degrees are not uncommon, but the dry air and heat is bearable. The water temperature reaches 27 degrees. Even in winter, it is very pleasant on the island because there is no frost and the thermometer rarely falls 20° degree.

Party holiday on Rhodes

Well Known Clubs, Discos & Bars in Rhodes

The most famous street, when it comes to parties, dancing, drinking and flirting on Rhodes, is the Orfanidou road in Rhodes town. Here you can find a bar next to the other and everything is happening.

  • Club Gas(website) Dance until you drop is what you get in the Club Gas. The Club is a hotspot for all who like to shake a leg all night and dance to hit songs from the international charts. There are two large dance floors and a long bar where cocktails are poured.
  • Blue Lagoon (websiteThe Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular discos in Rhodes that has a lot to offer its guests. In addition to varied music and a dance floor that is always full, there is also a waterfall and a pool in the Blue Lagoon. The whole thing kind of reminds one of the scenes from the curse of the Caribbean. The prices are however not exactly cheap.
  • Club Havana Bar (websiteSince 1998, Club Havana bar has been one of the best addresses in the old town of Rhodes. If you want to enjoy some good jazz music in a stylish atmosphere, then you should visit the club.
  • Club Paradiso (websiteOne of the most fashionable and also largest clubs of the island, the Club Paradiso is located directly on the beach. Some 4,500 guests are always in attendance here. The Club is great and has a large terrace from which one can view on the sea.
  • Q-Club The Q-Club is one of the best bars, when it comes to music and dance, there is always something going on and well-known DJs from all over Europe perform here. Even though the Club is part of the island, it is not the most modern.

How to get to Rhodes

Rhodes can be reached by plane or by ferry. On the island itself, it is worth to go bus, because the transport network is well developed, and the tickets are cheap.

By plane

Rhodes Island international airport is 16 km from Rhodes city centre and is served by almost all known Charter and also low cost carriers. In the city, you can take the bus or take a taxi.

With the ferry

You can get to the Rhodes quickly from other neighboring islands, and also from Turkey using ferry. Pay just 20 euros if you take an older boat. With a modern and fast catamaran, you must pay to the 30,-euro for the crossing.