Party holiday on Crete, Greece


Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, and twice the size of the Spanish Balearic Island of Majorca. It is no surprise, then, that you can have twice as much fun on Crete.  The Greek island for Abifahrten and graduation has become increasingly fashionable in recent years and who wants to have fun, which has on the wide range of Crete.

There are several places on the largest island in Greece, where one can enjoy both during the day and in the night. Crete is not only a popular party Island, but also an island for the senses with its multifaceted landscape of mountains and water turns, which makes it very attractive. White houses with blue roofs, competing with the blue of the sky, are also a hallmark of the island, such as the young audience from all over the world, that you can take when you want to party in Crete.
Proven that Crete was inhabited already 6000 before Christ permanently and had many men in the course of its long history. Even today, one can find ancient sites from the Minoan culture on Crete, considered the first civilization in Europe. In 1100 BC, the Mycenaean lived on the island and they left their traces which can be seen today at the archaeological sites. For 600 years, the Byzantines were the men on Crete, and then came the Saracens. Crete was part of the Venetian of Republic and the beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea became part of Greece only in 1913.

Whenever you are privileged to be in Crete, you shouldn’t miss a visit to the ancient sites such as Agia Triada, the once magnificent Summer Palace of Phaistos or also Eleutherna, a very well preserved Roman town. The landscapes in Crete are worth seeing, such as the Samari Gorge, which is the longest Gorge in Europe with a length of 16 km.

Target Group, Main travel Time and Climate in Crete

On the street bars of Chersonissos, you will meet party people between 20 and 25 years old mainly from England, Germany and Scandinavia. Accordingly, the bars, discos and clubs are aimed at young audiences. In Malia, people are somewhat older and come from all over the world, especially Americans and Australians. Also the shopping streets and the large shopping centre are a trademark of Malia in addition to other many venues.

The Party on Crete begins in May and ends in October. In the winter, less is going on. The weather on the island can be hot and extreme sometimes because Crete is only 130 km from the African mainland, you can perhaps imagine, that the summer can be very hot, but the waters would do well to calm you down once you get in. All those who want to save money, should travel to Crete in the postseason, then it is cheaper, less hot and it still has a lot going on.



Well-Known Clubs, Discos And Bars In Crete

  • New York (website)
    The Club New York is the place to be on Crete and with its direct location on the beach, it attracts quite a buzz. What makes the Club so interesting is the music. Here, one can hear not only the latest chart hits and techno beats, but also the hits from the Greek singles chart.
  • Amnesia Club (website)
    The amnesia is one of the biggest and craziest discos on Crete. They have some really good DJs who play all kinds of music to the listening and dancing pleasure of all the guests.
  • NRG
    This is one of the biggest clubs on the Island, and has some of the best DJs from all over Europe, and as expected, it is always full on weekends.
  • Kings Cross
    Built like a castle, Kings Cross is one of the most beautiful clubs in Malia.  Kings Cross always has young English folks between 20 and 25 as is consistent visitors, because they sell real English beer. years can be found in the Kings and the mood is great every night.
  • Hollywood
    Nice drinks, good music and entertainment make Hollywood one of the best clubs on the islands.

Getting to Crete

Coming to Crete is not a problem, because there are airports and ferry routes, through which you can reach the island quickly, safely, and comfortably. If you want to see the entirety of the island, then a car is recommended. A railway does not exist on Crete however.

By plane

There are three airports in the city of Heraklion, the airport of Heraklion, which is served by Chania, a small airport and Sitia.

With the ferry

There are ferries from Piräus, the port of Athens, KARPATHOS, Santorini, Thessaloniki or high season from Kissamos to Crete.