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  • Party Events in Germany:

    Anybody that wants a party holiday in Germany should consider taking cities such as: Cologne, Berlin and Munich into account. Here there are some of the largest folk festivals in Germany, as well as a pronounced nightlife with discos, bars and amusements. The question is, when is the best time for such a party trip and how much budget should you plan for a party vacation in Germany?

    Party vacation in Cologne

    It is a always a wonderful experience to celebrate in Cologne, with bars and clubs of various categories, from cheap to really expensive clubs. The best time is probably the spring and summer, and then you can roam at night in thin clothes and visit the bars and discos throughout the cities.

    On the Rhine is where many young people enjoy their holiday, and then go in clubs to finish things off. The climate is usually very mild in summer, as everywhere in Germany and in Cologne you will find many people tuned into the fun life, especially the Cologne Carnivals between February and March. The Cologne Carnival witnesses a high flow of alcohol, people just party and have fun in the city.


    Party holiday in Berlin

    Berlin is the capital city and thus ideally suited to celebrate mild party nights in the summer. Berlin is not very expensive; in most clubs you can celebrate well for relatively little money.

    Celebrate Party holidays and festivals in Munich

    In contrast to Cologne and Berlin, Munich is very very expensive. There are very classy and upscale clubs like the known P1. As in most cities, this is one of the best places for your summer holiday party, and in autumn, there is also the “Oktoberfest”, celebrated every year in Munich, and it is the world’s largest folk festival – the Munich Oktoberfest.