Wacken Open Air Festival

wacken-open-airThe largest heavy metal festival in history happens in Wacken and its been going on for years and its a must see for all heavy metal fans. The heavy metal festival of 2012 where around 75,000 visitors at the Wacken Open air festival was marred by poor weather and the people wallowed in the mud for days. Although that didn’t seem to diminish the ultimate mood of party and celebration. The Wacken Festival 2012, wasn’t such a great success but it was still memorable for those who attended. The center of heavy metal fans was once again the Wacken Open air, the small village in the German State Schleswig-Holstein. 


History of Wacken:

One of the top acts was the appearance of the rock band “Scorpions”, whose farewell concert was celebrated at the Wacken Open air festival. Her last final appearance in Germany was opened with the song “Sting In The Tail”, and tens of thousands of fans celebrated the singer around Rudolf Schenker, who was retiring at the age of 63, as well as Klaus mine. Despite the weather, the fans braved the storm and the mud and celebrated the last performance of the band at the Wacken Open air festival.



The fans braved the weather and celebrated the bands at the Wacken Open air festival.

Fans nevertheless remained and supported the 130 heavy Metal Bands with their applause and frenetic exultation. Rain jackets were among the most sought after pieces of clothing and those who didnt have it pulled plastic bags above their heads and rubber boots were worn instead of normal shoes. Some made a virtue out of necessity and drafted new sports, such as for example the mud surfing.

The Wacken Open air festival and marketing.

Around the Wacken Open air was a merchandising project developed that makes sales with specially printed T-Shirts and live recordings of bands on DVD and CD. Also a Festival newspaper was published and a History Book includes the history of the Festival from way back 2005. Curiously, came also a metal cookbook on the market. There is also a comic band,  and Jan Oidium drew some humorous comics on the Wacken Festival too.

Unfortunately one fatality was recorded at the Wacken Open air Festival in about 2012, a 20-year old boy choked and died from  generator exhaust fume. There were also 430 charges of theft and other similar offences.