Spring Break Cancun, Mexiko

50 years ago, Cancún was a small village on the peninsula of Yucatan in Mexico, but now it is one of the most popular destinations for Spring breakers from all over the world. Wet T-Shirt Contest is one of the highlights of the spring breaking here. There is music and then there is lots of alcohol, all at a very cheap rate. Spring break is the time in which the Students of the universities of the United States America come to the Coast of Mexico or to the Spring Break in Florida  to go throw a spring party. Spring break means total escalation. Each year in Cancún between March and April, thousands of students arrive to celebrate in countless clubs and beach bars. In contrast to the Spring Break Europe in Croatia, the spring break celebrated in mexico is never done in a closed club.

Top 10 insider tips for spring break Cancún

  1. In Cancún, you pay with U.S. dollars or Mexican pesos. Therefore,  it is recommended your currency is changed into US dollars and have it in cash, because the exchange rate is very bad in the hotels.
  2. You should only with the amount of money you are looking to spend, and leave your valuables in your hotel room(E.g. passport, air ticket, etc.) in the hotel safe!
  3. The water from the pipes is not drinkable. A bottle of water costs 10 pesos (€0.73). To brush your teeth though, you can use the water without hesitation.
  4. Ice cubes in drinks are safe in virtually all bars and clubs. They are made of drinking water.
  5. All “information stands” on the road are a pure waste of time. Try to avoid them. Best tool: just say “Yo vivo Aquí” which means “I live here” and usually you’ll be left alone.
  6. Negotiate price for a taxi before driving off with the driver! From the hotel zone to the party Centre, one must reckon with approximately 15 USD. However, the taxis in Mexico have no taximeter. So really, it is negotiable!
  7. Public buses for 24 hours. Because there is only one road in the hotel area you can go with each line. If you want downtown, you must consult someone beforehand to know in which bus you need to go. The bus ride costs 6.50 pesos. 
  8. “Topless” is generally not a problem. NUDISM is forbidden in Cancun.
  9. The water temperature throughout the year is between 26° and 28 ° C – so jump in! Watch out for flags on the beach. If you see red, then you know you are not supposed to go in more than knee deep. Underwater currents can be very dangerous!
  10. How to speak better Spanish? Drink more Tequila! (=

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How To Get To The Spring Break to Cancún

Recommendation: Arrival by plane

The Yucatán peninsula has two international airports: Cancún (CUN) and Mérida (MID). Cancún is serviced by many European and U.S. airlines, Mérida only by a few American and Mexican airlines. From Düsseldorf and Frankfurt there are also Direct Flights to Cancún.

Average Flight Times are from Frankfurt (direct flight): 11 h 40 min, from Vienna (with a stopover): 14 h 35 and from Zurich: 13 h 15. Cuncún airport is located 22 kilometres south-west of the city centre of Cancún. From the airport you reach with public transport in the party city of Cancun, which run every 15 minutes.

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