Mega Party Event KaZantip


the craziest, most intoxicating, largest and longest techno, trance and House event in the world is KaZantip. A virtual world dedicated to the music, fun and love with the most beautiful and hottest girls and boys from Russia and Ukraine.

This year it takes place on these dates:

kaZantip more infos :

-06.08 opening party

-20.08 closing party


KaZantip – dancefloor music around the clock

If you are a fan of electronic dance music, then you shouldn’t miss the KaZantip Festival in the Ukraine in any case. This huge party event held annually and attracts thousands of lovers of the dance floor every time on the well-known Crimean peninsula.

The success story of the Super events KaZantip

In its original form, KaZantip was actually a contest for surfers, which premiered in 1992 and was completed with a Festival. The organizer of this competition, Nikita Martschenko, was thus also the founder of the KaZantip, and she  increasingly outsourced it from sports competition and converted to a stand-alone event in its current known form. The ruins of a discarded nuclear power plant, which is already in the early days in the 1990s more than 10,000 fans of dance floor bustled served as the first venue.

Facts & Figures Of The Mega party

A beach of village Popovka, which lies on the Black Sea and where  in July/August each year more than 300 DJ’s a much much-applauded tryst and countless enthusiasts celebrate. For this there are 12 floors each other almost exceed preciosity and spectacle, and on which you certainly will have multi fun. Therefore simply take a tour through the grounds of the party platform in a circus tent leading you among other things by the dance to the unique dance Temple, which is built in the form of an ancient Roman Coliseum. Although the majority of around 170,000 visitors are from the States of the former USSR, but  in recent years, there have been increased popularity of KaZantip Festival and now there are people coming from Western Europe and North America. Numerous bars and lounges, which are tastefully furnished  would make you want to stay longer than you had planned. In addition, you can safely Park your car on the party premises. In any case you may assume but with a guarantee that there an iconic, heady, huge and overwhelming life party waiting for you.