DreamHack Video Masters

It has been an amazing 2016 with DreamHack game, with a lot of major even that got us going. We all wish 2016 events will never end, but it has to. But again DreamHack is telling us that the best is yet to come as the Dreamhack video game convention 2017 is promised to blow your mind. According to DreamHack, the year 2017 conventions are aimed to break record as DreamHack will be coming back to America to make DreamHack Austin, Denver & Atlanta 2017 the biggest LAN events ever to take place in the United States.

A little about DreamHack
dreamhack-eventStarted in the basement of an elementary school in Malung in the ’90s, DreamHack has grown to be the world’s largest digital festival and the biggest gamer event. Forming partnership with Major League Gaming (MLG) and Electronic Sports League (ESL) in 2012, DreamHack became the World’s Largest Computer Festival recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. With its rood and core been the LAN party and the major events DreamHack Summer and Winter, DreamHack creates its events as a platform for knowledge and creative competitions, tournaments in esports, lectures by game developers, concerts by famous music artists and much more. You find all infos about upcoming events on there Facebook Fanpage: DreamHack Fanpage

Why is DreamHack so big?
Lots of prices to win
DreamHack create a platform for gamers not only to have fun doing what they enjoy but also to actually make money doing it bydreamhack-winner competing in a handful of different open tournaments. 2016 DreamHack Austin alone features over $300,000 in prize pools and held events in StarCraft, Street Fighter V, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The event features over 10,000 pro gamers and over 1.6 million unique viewers. Although the2017 price pool details have not been announced but it has been set to break the record set in the previous events.

DreamHack is not only for gamers alone, the events is also a perfect opportunity for game hardware companies, game developers and other gaming companies to exhibit their products and services before thousands of visitors at DreamHack Expo. There gaming companies will have the opportunity to interact with customers and showcase their gaming gear, gadgets, and other services. The Expo is usually held in another hall of the venue where gamers can interact with gaming companies and engage in some serious business.

The fun never stops
dreamhack-cosplayAnother factor that makes DreamHack over the world and the biggest gamer event is that the fun never stops throughout the event. The events usually lasted for four days and it features activities like Festival; where every seated participant connects to DreamHack LAN supplies, participants are provided with a chair, power socket, and a table. Visitors also get to enjoy the major Gaming competitions and cheer for their favorite team. Some other events at the DreamHack include the Digital arts competitions, Live concerts, and the expo.

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DreamHack is a worthwhile adventure that will give you the opportunity to meet, relate and interact with like-minded people and gamers from all continents in the world. It’s an even you need to experience.