Party Island PAG – Party Beach Zrce


On the Party Island of PAG, there is the famous Beach Zrce, the “Ibiza of Croatia” if you would. More than 10 thousands youths find their way to the beach yearly, with no other thing in mind aside party, fun and celebrations. Here you would be surrounded by local Croatian models that are looking to mingle and have fun. The Beach Club is best known for Papaya

The whole place would be completely buzzing with well known DJs and boisterous Atmosphere. Around the beach are cheap holiday houses where you can lodge.

Party videos from the party Beach Zrce,

Benny Benassi live at Club Aquarius

Swedish House mafia live at papaya exotic Club

The Croatian island of PAG: Croatia has been a well visited vacation area for years. The island of PAG, which is referred to as the “Party island” is located between all interesting and historical impressions which a guest would be happy to see. The “Ibiza” of Croatia certainly knows how to entertain, with the amount of young travelers and tourists that come there yearly.



The Croatian Island Of Pag – A Sad Story With A Happy Ending

Anybody who comes to the island of Pag in Croatia with all the joy and merriment on the people’s face wouldn’t know that it used to be an island filled with tears and sorrow. It was a site of genocide during the WW I, where many Jews, Serbs and also Croats perished in the most terrible ways imaginable.  The fascist regime established a concentration camp, from which a large part of the island’s occupants were thrown into the sea. The island of PAG was handed to the Italian armed forces in 1941. It also suffered during the Croatian war of 1991 and that was when it suffered its last slump, but since then, it has been onwards and upward.

Now the Croatian island of PAG has become one of the most important tourist centers in Croatia, where life has blossomed once again.

The Most Beautiful Beaches On The Croatian Island Of Pag

The most famous beach is located in the northeast of the Croatian island of Pag. The party stronghold, the “Zrce” beach is located close to the town of Novalja. Not only are you in the best hands in terms of fun and entertainment, but also the security here is top notch. The Pebble Beach offers extra equipped areas for non-swimmers, children and people with disabilities. In addition, there is a rescue team located on the site. A parasol and sunbed rental exists as well, as it is possible to rent boats and jet skis, water slides, volleyball courts and bars are also available here.

Anyone who has love for water sports would surely love it here, particularly in Metajna. In addition to other sports the alpine climbing is very well possible, through an extraordinarily beautiful gorge with the name “Canyon”, it goes to the beach “Rucica”. This Pebble Beach is entirely natural for those who love to swim, and there adequate sunscreens and drinks to go with it.

 The beach of “Caska” stretches east from Novalja, an interesting legend connecting this area. The ancient Roman city of “Cissa” existed on this territory and what remains of it, is located on the ocean floor. The beach runs along a deep Bay, initially consisting of gravel, but then with sand.

 One of the advantages of this beach is the convenient way to arrive by car; a parking lot is located very near the beach. The sea floor is steep and very far into the depths, for families with children or for non-swimmers so other beaches are recommended.
In the north of the island of PAG Beach “Trincel”, one of the most beautiful beaches of this island is surrounded by a quiet Bay. With good access to water and with very fine sand, this island has everything a family might need, from cabins, playground, to volleyball courts and rescue team.

This beach was honored with “blue flag” which is an “international environmental award” for its environmental friendliness.