Party travel Croatia


Since Croatia became a travel destination, people from all over Europe now visit to relax, celebrate and have fun. The country is known for its beautiful women and handsome men, who are always eager to party. There are great parties where you can find good local DJs. The party island of PAG is the most famous and there is also Zrce Beach, where the party knows no end.


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Holiday in Croatia

Croatia has only been discovered by many Europeans in recent years as a holiday destination. Directly on the Adriatic coast, which is one of the most beautiful coasts in the Mediterranean, Croatia with its blend of picturesque beaches, numerous islands, national parks and historic buildings fascinate millions of visitors each year, Croatia is now just as popular as Italy or Spain.

Facts about Croatia

Croatia is located on the Adriatic Sea and is one of the medium-sized States in Europe. The Southeastern European country extends from the northern edge of the Alps in the North-West of the Pannonian plain in the East to the Adriatic coast in the South. Croatia has a total of 67 Islands, including the popular holiday islands of Krk and CRES. The climate in Croatia is very different. In the North, there is a more continental climate in the Inland climate of the mountains and South of the Adriatic Sea-pleasant Mediterranean climate. In the summer there is between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius, temperatures on the coast which is ideal for summer holidays.

Croatia has a total of 4.5 million inhabitants; good 700,000 of them live in the capital city of Zagreb, which is the economic and cultural centre of Croatia. Croatia is not a member of the EU; therefore valid travel documents should always be taken. It is recommended you study the customs provisions in the exportation of goods prior to the holiday. The national currency is Kuna. Foreign currency can be exchanged in exchange offices, banks, post offices, most hotels and travel agencies. In many restaurants, shops and hotels, you can also pay with major credit cards.

The Dalmatia as a tourist destination

The region of Dalmatia is among the most beautiful in the country. The region of Dalmatia is a 450-kilometre coastline along the Adriatic Sea. These include the many islands such as PAG, Brač, Hvar, vis, Mljet and Korcula. The most famous towns include Dubrovnik, split, Biograd and Trogir. The combination of Mediterranean and summits makes Dalmatia a unique beautiful landscape. Beaches surrounded by white fine gravel, pine trees and crystal clear water which can make you forget everyday life.

 The culture-steeped history of Croatia is reflected in the small villages and big cities. The holidays can vary according to preference. For those who would like to undertake a ship journey, the island of PAG offers a special attraction, the approximately 50 km wide island is largely covered with rocky, barren pastures.

Party holiday on the island of Krk

Krk is definitely one of the most popular Islands in Croatia, particularly among younger people. The largest island of Croatia is offers a variety of water sports. It is also good to walk in the hills. Krk especially for single trips or holiday party has become very popular in recent years. The otherwise very low populated island is firmly in the hands of tourists in the summer months. Large hotels, many bars and nightclubs guarantee fun on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning, and the prices of food and drinks are very cheap in comparison to other European destinations.

Famous clubs on Krk are the BOA-Malinska Club and the cross road discotheque. The BOA-Malinska Club is an exclusive club, whose complete interior is colored black. A special highlight is the Swarovski chandeliers and the Swarovski cocktails, which are equipped with crystals. The cross road tropical-style nightclub is one of the most popular nightclubs on Krk. Just House music enthusiasts are drawn regularly to the Club. A cocktail bar in the outdoor area ensures continuous refreshment.

Overnight accommodation in Croatia

Holiday cottages can be rented through the many Internet portals provide for the best opportunity to stay. Unspoiled nature and mild climate invites you for extended periods. The country in recent years strives continuously in expanding highway network and to improve its popular destinations.