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sunnybeach-bulgariaBierkönig, Bulgarien, Goldstrand, Sunny Beach is like the Golden Sands of Party Mile and Pup Crawl. Only slightly quieter and fewer clubs, and there is no Ballermann as at the Gold Beach, but the sunny beach is still not to be underestimated, there are always good mood and atmosphere on the beach.

There is a Techno Event that takes place here every year and its always such a blact with DJs such as Richie Hawtin or Carl Cox., great music and great atmosphere.

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Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Literally, sunny beach is Bulgaria’s sunniest seaside resort. The coast of the Black Sea, and especially the beaches are the most visited tourist sites in Bulgaria.The infrastructure with approximately eight hundred hotels, as well as about a hundred restaurant is completely designed for tourism. Over 40,000 people come to the sunny beach looking to spend their summer holidays. The beach is eight kilometers long and about one hundred meters wide.

For night owls, the sunny beach Bulgaria is known for its countless bars and clubs, also found there in sunny beach Bulgaria are historical buildings and monuments, the environment is also rich disoveries for knowledge-hungry tourists. Tourism in sunny beach Bulgaria stands in direct Saisonabhängikeit. This means a deserted Beach in winter. The sunny beach of Bulgaria is North of the main town of Burgas. It runs along the places of St. VLAs, Nessebar and Pomorie. At the end is the town of Obzor. The town of Nessebar is a historically important place. This town located on a peninsula, is an ancient city with many attractions. The completely preserved town centre is the UNESCO World Heritage.

Infrastructure In Sunny Beach Bulgaria

From the airport, the cities are accessible via a dual carriageway leading through the Balkan mountains Burgas and Varna. On this road you can sometimes experience serious traffic, probably given the amount of people making use of the road to and fro the Sunny Beach. A bus service runs to Bourgas with a journey time of approximately 30 minutes every half hour. In the high seasons, you can also take trips to Sofia, thats for tourists looking for extended stay, not only on beach holiday but on everything Bulgaria has to offer. Unfortunately, there is no express rail connection to the sunny beach Bulgaria. The last train station is in Bourgas, where you will have to take a bus to reach the sunny beach Bulgaria.

More Environment & Cities

Burgas is one of the largest industrial port town in Bulgaria. As the the fourth-largest city, it is the cultural as well as political turning and focal point of the region. The economic engine of the country Bulgaria is the airport and the seaport. Many attractions on the history and culture of the country are easy to reach in Burgas for the discovery of knowledge-hungry tourists. The huge Cathedral and ancient spas invite you to a tour. Also the archaeological museum with its large collection of anchors of the many ships and the ancient Thracian Tomb is set for a visit by tourists.

Other Tourist Areas of Bulgaria

Resorts and beaches are also in the South of Burgas. For example, the cities Lozenec, Primorsko and Kiten. The town of Sozopol is a tourist highlight. This oldest city of the Black Sea coast is a paradise for artists and tourists with its old town. This port city is famous for the rising and narrow lanes, as well as the countless romantic impressions.