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Golden Sands Bulgaria

goldsand-bulgarianA legend of old gave its name to this seaside resort. They say pirates had buried a huge treasure of gold on the coast near the city of Varna. The inhabitants took revenge on the pirates and all the gold turned into sand. Good 3 kilometers of golden sand shimmering and glittering, giving credit to the place.

Golden Sands in Bulgaria is a holiday and celebration home, offering almost everything that it needs to get a great party going, with Well-known DJ’s such as Marco Carola or DJ Rush dishing out all kinds of music in the atmosphere. There is also a balanced proportion of women who can quickly get acquainted with. Golden Sands is a Pure Hotel City with many Scandinavian, Russian, English and German. There are cheap Flights from Leipzig and Berlin, the prices for alcohol and clubs are very low, equivalent of €1.00 and the entrance to a Club Costs usually less than €5,00 or even free.

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The Golden Sands Bulgaria – location and climate

A long and pleasantly warm summer makes this region a popular tourist destination. With maximum temperatures up to 27 degrees, it is not too hot and the sustained constant sea breeze refreshes on mild manner also. Mainly in July and August, an average water temperature of about 24 degrees is what makes bathing in Golden Sands Bulgaria into an experience. The Gold Beach Bulgaria is located north of the city of Varna, at a distance of 17 kilometers and directly on the regional transportation road E-80. The area on which this seaside resort is located is a national park. With its unusual trees, it offers the perfect setting for a great beach, which is up to 100 meters wide.


Also in the night “shines the Gold Beach Bulgaria”

Its not just during the day that you can enjoy the holiday feeling the Gold Beach as to offer, the night life is equally as great. Until deep into the night, many local party offer fun without end, and that is to be taken literally. A curfew or music on “Volume” does not exist on the Golden Beach of Bulgaria, no celebration is interrupted by laws and no one bothers you or the music. The best is that the prices make absolutely affordable to a party night. 20 years ago, only 1 euro over the counter would get you a half liter of beer. Even a cocktail is inexpensive on the Gold Beach Bulgaria compared to other holiday destinations, such as such as Mallorca. 
Not only cafes and beer gardens invite you to party in the evening, also several discos offering good music and even a popular Majorca entertainer performs, Mickie Krause as Mr. Drews in Golden Sands. Another plus is the “non-existent” age limit. 

The city of Varna

An interesting city that offers a lot of tourist attractions and cultural feelings. This industrial center by the seaport, which is already in another form since ancient times is particularly appealing. As the second largest seaport of Bulgaria it crowns a sightseeing tour of the city in any case. Varna is the interface between Western Europe and the Middle East and is thus characterized by all cultural influences. This city with the Golden Sands in Bulgaria is connected through an airport. Should you be planning a visit to Varna, it is however better to cover the distance by bus, because it is a lot more cheaper and gives you the holiday feeling right from you journey, but the traffic might be intolerable.

2 important notes about the Golden Sands Bulgaria

  • Currency exchange: you should change your foreign currencies into the local currency so as not to be cheated by buying small valued goods with big money. It is better to go to the bank and have the amount you intend to spend changed into the local currency. See the information on the current exchange rates to make sure you get what you are supposed.
  • If you place good value on original and authentic products, then you should avoid the goods of “flying” traders in the area, because they mostly sell fake goods for the price of the original products which is difficult to distinguish.