Party Travel Bulgaria

Bulgaria is very good to make a cheap party holidays. The currency in Bulgaria is leva, which is always a good exchange rate to the euro. For instance, a beer in a club is 1 Leva, which is the equivalence of €0.50, meaning its actually quite cheap. A party trip to Bulgaria costs average 400 to €500 for a week party. The Golden Sands and sunny beach are best suitable for a good party holiday



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Golden Beach

Sunny Beach

Tradition and modernity meet in Bulgaria on every corner, donkeys can even be seen on the highway while driving. In the capital Sofia, Roman fortifications in a modern shopping center are integrated. In the country, many small old houses can be found in the town centers, while just outside there are luxury villas available. Old and new, poor and rich – this contrasts characterize Bulgaria appearance and make the country so unique and varied.

Nature offers many contrasts: steep to gentle hills of mountains, hot sources and turquoise Lakes, a facet-rich coast, and a variety of animals and plants.

Whether you are on the Black Sea in the Sun, or taking a hiking tour through the forests and mountains of Bulgaria, you would really want to spend sometime and experience what the bustling capital offers.

Black Sea

The tourist highlights of the country. The 378 km of coastline offers long sandy beaches and small coves with Woody or sandy dunes in the background. The seaside towns along the picturesque coast satisfy the desire for a beach holiday as well as the urge for culture. Varna in the northern coastal region around can quite compete with Sofia, with regards to culture and leisure programs.

Enjoy the Black Sea on the Golden Beach in the North or the sunny beach in the South! Where the party knows no end. The main tourists here are people from England, Germany and Scandinavia.