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Brixton Splash, London

The Splash Festival The Brixton Splash is a local community organization organized by the locals for the betterment of the locals. The activities of the organization transcends just the popular free street carnival to helping the the less privileged in the community. The organization kicks its outreach program into action once the one day festival […]

Junkanoo Festival In The Bahamas

The Junkanoo Carnival Junkanoo is a festival or Carnival where people parade on the streets, dancing and singing in different towns of the Bahamas and they do this in their different costumes and the festival takes place on Boxing Day which is December 26 every year. Although Junkanoo is a festival that takes place in […]

Notting Hill Carinval

Britain’s Biggest Street Party Every year, the Caribbean communities in England come together to celebrate their culture and tradition in a Carnival that lasts for two days, and this goes as far back as 1964. The celebration consists of some live Caribbean music like reggae, club and salsa. Some term the Carnival the biggest in Europe, while […]