Party & ski holiday in St. Anton, Arlberg

ski holiday in St. AntonWinter sports resorts, where you can make a party are many Alps, but no place is as versatile as St. Anton in Arlberg. What makes St. Anton so interesting for group tours, is the enchanting landscape. On the mountains as well as in the village, there is a lot going on in the season. But in the town itself, there are a number of chic bars, clubs, restaurants, Cafés and pubs, which ensure there’s no boredom in the evening. St. Anton is always elegant and there is never loud.
St. Anton is mentioned in the year 1275 for the first time, but until 1363 the small place never really mattered for anything. St. Anton is an important stopover for the salt merchants who come from Bavaria, Salzburg and also Vorarlberg over the Arlberg pass. As of 1427 there were 90 rich people in the small village, but when the road to and fro Alberg became bad, the village and all its wealth went down hill and people migrated away into the valley, only when a new road was built in 1787 did the place became relevant again.

Today the community nearly 2,600 inhabitants,  one of them is the former world-class skier Karl Schranz, who was born in St. Anton. Today, there are 85 cable cars and ski lifts,transporting over 46,000 people daily, and over one million yearly. 

Target Group, Main Travel Time & Climate in St. Anton

St. Anton is a special place with its mixed audience. In the umbrella bars on the Arlberg 1,300 Meters above sea level, you can find rich older skiers who sip their champagne, while below the bars, young people sit, drink Jagertee and loudly sing the hits by DJ Ötzi. The party scene of the ski area at the Arlberg is moved in the evening to a place where you can meet and party with people from Germany, the Netherlands and Russia.
The season in St. Anton begins in early December, and thats when they open up their doors for visitors. Until the end of April the weather for skiers is optimal and St. Anton is always as good as fully booked at this time. With a bit of luck, you can find a few rooms in the hostel for the final ride. The summer in Arlberg is for those who like to hike in the mountains, in the winter season though St. Anton is a paradise with freezing cold, glittering snow and a steel-blue sky.

Well-known clubs, discos and bars in St. Anton

The mother of all ski lodges – the Moosewirt in Arlberg is a ski lodge known around the world, and is actually legendary. At the MOSS er Tavern you can eat and drink, dance, have fun, flirt and listen to guest stars like DJ Ötzi, Jürgen Drews, or even scooter. Good mood is guaranteed at the MOSS er Wirt from am 11 pm

As the name implies, you can hardly find a crazier Club in St. Anton. Costume parties with ski bunnies, funny ski races are whats on offer there, with good atmosphere too. This is only a small part of the Repertoire of the Krazy Kanguruh, one of the most famous après-ski bars right on the Arlberg. 

The Piccadilly is a unique fixture in the nightlife of St. Anton, although the bar is in the valley, but it has a very homely atmosphere with great musical events to keep you entertained.

  • Funky Chicken

Good and cheap – this is the motto of the funky chicken in St. Anton. Right here we go hard until midnight, because thats when it’s nicest to enter the dance floor and dance off. The Disco is known especially for their crazy costume parties, such as Halloween.

Real Mexican food at its best here, frozen Margarithas, class music and spectators from all over the world – it can be only the Bobo in the heart of St. Anton. The bar is really set up and never too crowded. The right place to have loads of fun and meet people.

Videos of St. Anton

Arrival to St. Anton

St. Anton is very easy to reach if you are coming by car from Germany but you have to pay tolls on the Austrian motorways.

With the car

By car you can come either via Salzburg, Kufstein and Landeck to St. Anton, but Munich and Stuttgart are a good motorway connection to St. Anton am Arlberg.

By train

St. Anton has a station in the middle of the place where also EuroCity trains stop. The fastest drive on Munich and Salzburg.

By plane

St. Anton has no own airport, you have to take a further journey to purchase tickets if you’d like to fly. The airport is 100 km away from Innsbruck, Salzburg is 300 km and Munich 250 km up to St. Anton.