The transformational Boom festival

In the lake shores of Portugal, Boom festival is celebrated every year in a big manner. It is the festival in central Portugal where a variety of music performances, arts and exhibitions are arranged for the visitors. It is not only a festival but also it inspires the spirituality, oneness, and peace among the people.Boom Festival started in 1997 and it has taken place every year as a music festival. The people from across the world visited the place to enjoy the progressive arts and music and chill out there. The festival includes a large role, circus, open theater film scenes, and much more. You make sure that you visit each and every one.

.You will come across a transformational experience in the festival as it goes on live. You can expand your spiritual thoughts through the different events that take place during the festival. The festival is recognized as outstanding for last three consecutive years as it demonstrated how really it is possible to respect the environment. One should not miss the Dance Temple showcase which has the powerful sound of the best organic trance and electronic psytrance. The camping event in the festival is an attraction where you will need to get a sleeping bag and other items that are required for the campsite location. The free water that is available for the campsites can be utilized to cook food and other beverages as well.


The event is organized every year by ticket sales and does not use any corporate sponsor for the distribution of the tickets. The event is held every two years near to the location of the border of Spain and Portugal .The festival inculcated the art, music, culture and spirituality.

Boom 2016

The Boom Festival is a biennial festival that lasts for nine days. Since it started in 1997 it turned from a trance music festival to a multi-disciplinary art and music festival that includes diverse music, sculpture, artistic video, paint, and theatre .The events are taken place mostly in open air and visit this festival will have a unique experience. The Boom festival 2016,is scheduled for Thursday, August 11, 2016 – Thursday, August 18, 2016 , at the shores of a lake near the town of Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal.


The boom is completely free of corporate sponsorship and is funded by ticket sales alone. There are no VIP areas, no special treatments—everyone is a VIP. One can reach for more details of the event.