Sunburn Festival

Sunburn Festival is a phenomenal event in the Indian subcontinent where the electronic dance music as a commercial aspect is on display in a grand manner. This event lasts out for four days and there are simultaneous performances by artists on multiple stages at the festival. This festival was inaugurated in 2007 and has been successful for almost a decade. The participation for this event is nearly 10,000 people and is considered a benchmark event. The event have a huge lineup of performing artists, and many activities, spas, stalls and various sports to keep the attendees occupied. World famous artists such as Afrojack, Mark Knight and Pete Tong have performed in this event in the past. This would be a memorable experience to the audience in every way.


Sunburn Festival



This mammoth event is organized by Percept, a company which is owned by Shailendra Singh who is an Indian playback singer. The festival adjoins music, shopping, entertainment and food and was also named as one of the top 10 music festivals in the world by CNN in the year 2009.


Sunburn Festival 2016

The grand Sunburn festival for the year 2016, the exact dates are yet to be finalized but will fall somewhere in the month of December. This festival goes on for four days with so much action and excitement. There are several Sunburn festivals in small scale across different places of India from time to time. The participants of the festival can also will get a chance to witness some of the best acrobats of the world. The details about the major event as well as the minor events can be obtained from the official site The event has content to make it a memorable experience.



A ticket for this event would cost around 10,000 Indian rupees which is about 150 USD. The VVIP tickets will be sold 15,000 Indian rupees (225 USD) and will consist of special facilities as well. The tickets gets sold out soon due to the high demand and the limited number of tickets. So if you plan to visit you will have to make reservations and get these tickets early. You can do it directly through the official Sunburn festival site.


The Sunburn Festival expanded its reach by having the event organized in Sri Lanka in 2012 and the next year it was held in Dubai. So this Asia’s biggest musical phenomenon is an event to attend to enjoy the live music.