Songkran Festival, the Thai New Year

This famous festival with a mixture of culture and religion is widely known as the Thai New Year or Thailand Water Festival. The Songkran festival is held from April 13th to 15th in order to celebrate the dawn of the Thai New Year with the Sun’s passage to Aries in the astrological chart. The celebrations are held throughout the country every year in a most festive manner. The water fights and water events are majorly held as this is a really warm period in Thailand with the sun directly above.


 Tourists and visitors who visit Thailand during this season are most welcome to join these events and celebrate it throughout the week. The festive depicts unity of people and showing respect to family, friends and relations bringing the whole country together. Traditional parades, decorated cars with traditional ornaments and even pageant contests are held. For centuries this nation is regarded as a hospitable nation, so the visitors will feel like home. This is the beauty of Songkran Festival in Thailand.

Songkran Festival


Special days related to Songkran

First day of Songkran marks the National Elderly Day where the Rod Nam Dum Hua ritual is performed. On the second day falls the National Family Day during which family reunions. In this time the families will get together and enjoy some family time sharing joy and laughter.


Songkran Festival 2016

This year Songkran Festival will be from 13th to 15th April as well. The Central region, South, North and East parts of the country are preparing for this event in a grand style. The holiday atmosphere will eventually be as great relaxation and bring out a fun mood to the visitors. So if you plan to go there get ready soak in water and enjoy the celebration. The Songkran Festival is known as Water festival as well due to the reason that the Thai people believe in that this water can clean up their spirits by removing the bad inside them. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is preparing for this event in a festive manner. During the three day national holiday merit is made to the sacred temples of the area. This is done in other parts of the country too.


Thailand is a wonderful country for a vacation, and the Songkran festival is much as of a good time to visit the place if you want to have some ritualistic enjoyment with a mixture of tradition and culture.



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