Mysteryland, the electronic music saga

Mysteryland is a combination of a festival and a camping event that is organized by the famous Netherlands promoter company ID&T that is organizing this event in Netherlands, Chile and the United States. This event has been happening since 1993 for over 23 years successfully. The place for the event in the United States is the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and the first US version of the event occurred in 2014. Even though this event is novel in the US many participants gather for this event due to the combination of various electronic dance genres that combines urban, hard dance and hip hop styles of the music making this an electronic music saga.


Mysteryland 2016

The Mysteryland for this year will be held from June 10th Friday to 13th June Monday for a period of 4 days over the weekend. The enjoyment that derives from festival, camping and hiking on to the woods to get the best out of the festival this remarkable events grows up your spiritual side as well with the music and the time in the woods partying all night. The camping packages and hotel packages are always helpful for the participants to make it easy to handle the accommodations. This is a must visit event if you plan to go to New York.



The event has a variation of items that each require specific tickets. The Nomad 3-day festival and camping tickets are priced at 294 USD for early bird tickets while the normal ones are priced at 319 USD. Even though it seems pricey for our budget it is worth the money you spend. Else you can go to an affordable budget where you can get 2 day nomad combo tickets for 199 USD, 3 day non-camping tickets for 234 USD or if you want to visit for a single day, then the single day tickets at just 114 USD. There are so many options to choose from, all these you can check out at You will certainly find an option to get you into this festival.


Mysteryland is a wonderful event to join by and spend your time. This is the place to party and enjoy good music with fellow fans of electronic music. The place is filled with liveliness and fun-filled days to party all day. Mysteryland is a place worth visiting for every year to make your life energized.