Leeds Festival

The Leeds Festival that was first held in 1999, has to be mentioned with the Reading festival that was inaugurated in 1971. This is due to the fact these events are held simultaneously during the August bank holiday in the United Kingdom. The events are a rock music festival that is celebrated in the long weekend with a great opportunity to party with the best rock music in the country. The historic even of Reading and Leeds festivals are famous throughout the nation and travelers who are visiting the country during that time also remember to join in and enjoy in this event. The famous groups of Rock like Greenday as well as artists such as Eminem has performed in these events in the past. This year also it will be having the same enthusiasm in the grounds during the rock festival.

Leeds Festival 2016

The festival will be held for 3 days from 26th to 28th August 2016 at Wetherby in England with the participation of a large crowd for this rock music festival. The information regarding the tickets, lineup and history of the show can be browsed at http://www.leedsfestival.com/ where you can do online booking as well. This has attracted large crowds with the fans going wild and partying day and night at the festival venue. This festival is run by festival republic that is a group from Mean Fiddle Music Group and has been successful ever since for promoting this show.


The event has a variation of items that each require specific tickets. The Weekend Camping ticket prices are as follows;

Ticket type                 Cost (Face value)

Weekend Ticket       £213.00 (£205.00) 

Early Entry Pass      £20.00 (£20.00)     

Secure Locker          £16.00 (£16.00)      

Campervan Permit £75.00 (£75.00)      

PTL Seat of Luxury             £35.00 (£35.00)

Meanwhile the day tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be £66.50 with a face value of £59.50 per ticket. Also you can get a coach travel, book lockers, get campervan passes and early entry passes and many facilities that can help your festival visit.


The Leeds Festival is a very enjoyable festival that can be enjoyed well with your family and your friends. The party that starts off with the amazing lineup of songs will make you go wild and the rock music will beat off to the rhythm of the people making it an amazing display of talent.