Ansan Valley Rock Festival

The Ansan Valley Rock festival is of the different kind and their fashion is at their best. The girls are in the gauzy shirts and floppy sun hats, guys in pressed t-shirts and fedoras. Many of the people in the festival chalk their hair bright blue, pink, yellow or purple to set the mood. Rock fests are a relatively the trending concept in the country of Korea, and the energy at Ansan , the country’s largest such event.

The bright-eyed crowd bubbles past the wildflower-strewn gardens, kitschy replica windmills and reedy waterfront at Daebu Sea Breeze Theme Park to the concert grounds. The people will wait for the mats on the grass for the music thurst. They will have cold beers under the tent and the fans whoop it up playing on inflatable slides, shooting hoops at the basketball court and spinning the roulette wheels for prizes. One of the coolest things about the fest is walking up to a random stage and seeing a trucker hat-wearing scream band followed by a guitar-shredding metal band and then a clown-costumed rock quartet—all fresh to your ears.

More than 75 bands take the stage at Ansan Valley Rock Fest during three steamy days in July. A hefty list of international headliners Oasis, Radiohead, The Cure and Nine Inch Nails, among those in years past—shares the bill with Banging’s Korean groups. Never mind that you probably haven’t heard of the latter. Just know that the nation’s hard-rocking scene is thriving and on fine display at Ansan.


 The three-day festival began in 2009 with its mix of indie and major label acts. It was known as the Jisan Valley Rock Festival for its first four years, when it was held at the Jisan Forest Ski Resort in Icheon. In 2013 it moved to Daebu Sea Breeze Theme Park in Ansan—a site twice the size of the previous one—and so the name changed to Ansan Valley Rock Festival. Just to confuse you, organizers then created an event called the Jisan World Rock Festival that takes place at the old venue.

Ansan Valey Rock Festival 2016

 Ansan Valey Rock Festival 2016 is planned in the month of July 2016,The event takes place at a nature park on Daebu Island, which is tethered by road to Ansan, South Korea (near Seoul).


The majority of the 100,000-plus festival-goers are young Koreans. It’s also a big draw among the many Western expats who live in the country. Tickets go on sale in the spring.



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