Afrikaburn, the Burning Man

Idealizing the burning man that was held 15 years ago, the Afrikaburn is an event filled with spiritual and artistic creations. The Stonehenge group that initially organized Afrikaburn focuses on ten general principals. These include philosophical, self-reliance, communal effort and self-expression that is so inspiring to the participants of the event. A larger percentage of the population is partying and dancing and fewer are hanging out in healing camps or attending workshops as they do at Burning Man. AfrikaBurn is not just one big party, the younger average age does create a more active party environment and, even more hot bodies both male participants and female participants to appreciate in the desert. In fact, maybe it’s because this is Africa, but the costumes seem more colorfully indigenous at AfrikaBurn showing that everyone enjoys well.



AfrikaBurn is wholly owned by Africa Burns Creative Projects Non Profit Company (NPC). The company was registered on 24th July 2007 in South Africa and they have being organizing this event in a grand manner for the past decade as an annual event. The crowds that draw into this event are quite satisfied with the public services, security and protection provided during these events.

Afrikaburn 2017

This dates for Afrikaburn 2017 is yet to be decided, but you can keep track of the details of the venue and tickets on which gives out live updates on the releases related to the event. It will held for a week in the Tankwa in South Africa.


There are 11,700 tickets that are released for this event around the globe. The ticket can be obtained at, the official site for the Afrikaburn event. The ticket prices under different categories are listed below in Rand which is the South African currency;

  • Direct Distribution Tickets – R 1 122.90
  • General Sales Tickets – R1 122.90
  • Resold Tickets via STEP
  • Kids Tickets (14 & under) – R183.00
  • Subsidized Tickets – R513.00
  • Community Tickets – R182.40

The tickets should be reserved quickly to avoid any disappointments. The event is a large success the tickets are sold really quickly even the direct distribution ones that are priced at 1122.90 which is about 74 USD, an affordable amount for such a fun time.

The AfrikaBurn is an experiment in inclusive community building, a participant-created movement, self-reliance, creativity and radical self-expression. This brings out a chance to create a new world in an amazing manner.



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