The West Indian-American Day Carnival


This could easily be the best all round activity of the Labor Day in terms of fun and vibrancy. The 7 hour New York Carnival which takes place the same day as the Labor day, or might we say is born out of the Labor day, because back in the day, festivals and parades were used in marking the Labor Day and it has been so ever since and it has continued to be so.

The annual Carnival brings more than 2 million revelers to Crown Heights, Brooklyn every first Monday of September.  At the Carnival, numerous South American and Caribbean countries are represented, countries like Belize, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent. 

At the Carnival, its certain you would get your fair share of the sights of some really beautiful women, women of all size and shapes, some almost fully clothed, while the rest would leave nothing to the imagination.west



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