The Best Beaches In Ghana




You might be a little disappointed if you are looking to find crowd here, because the beach is a little secluded and somewhat far from the city center.  A lot lesser people go to this beach because of its seclusion, but it has enough to provide the kind of comfort and enjoyment the few tourist who go there need. The view of the hills is scientific, and the crystal blue waters would just make you lush. There are good changing facilities and a Restaurant at the place, so you can actually bringing your fun here and have a blast.

Ada Beach

This is the perfect beach for skiing, fishing and some other great water sports. The Ada beach is about 100 km from Accra city center, so you have access to everything you might need outside the beach. There is a coastal village near the beach with lots of restaurants and Inns where you can go to eat and drink when you feel like it.

Chocoloco Beach

The Chocolo beach is known to be the breeding place for sea turtles, and is the ideal destination for both those that love nature and also for beach combers which means it is great for camping, and there are accommodations like rental bungalows and Inns, so your comfort and happiness is assured.

Alaska Beach

A very and well known beach among those that are constantly combing for beach to have fun at and party, though it is a little secluded yet it still has some of the best camping facility you could ever find anywhere else in Ghana. There are facilities for water sports, bungalows for rent, showers and toilets and great restaurants litter everywhere so the tourists are always spoilt for choice when it comes to fresh sea food and some local cuisine.

Langma, Kokrobite

One of the most beautiful beaches you would ever lay your eyes on, the beach in Langma is the home for beach relaxation and beach party in Ghana. You can get some nice beer on the beach or coconut drink, if that’s what you would rather have. There are also beautiful waves perfect for surfing, and yes you can surf if you want to, just meet the locals and they would help you with that. Evenings at the Langma beach is a mixture of all you would really love at a beach, drinks, waves and lots of food on the beach.

Bojo Beach Resort

Bojo Beach resort has it all in terms of beach camping and facilities that would make sure you have more fun than you did before you came. There are safe deposit box in all of the rooms, WiFi and Flat screen TV. There are also swimming pool, poolside bar, restaurants, golf driving range, canoe and boat rides, jet ski, airport and flight reservations as well as city shuffle services. What more can you really ask for?


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