Party Destinations In Panama

Partying In Panama

Welcome to Panama City, the home of tourism, party and entertainment. Panama City is widely regarded as the city of culture in the sense that the city was chosen as 2003 American capital of culture with the city of Curitiba, Brazil.

Panama City with its numerous social and entertainment spots ranks as one of the best places to relax and enjoy life. Have you ever thought of living your life to the full and enjoying yourself probably after retirement? Panama City is the place to look out for. According to the International living magazine, Panama City is one of the top five places for retirement. With nice beaches, boasting of one of the best hotels in the world and night life activities. Who wouldn’t think about staying and enjoying his retirement in Panama City? Visitors’ coming from all parts of the world to Panama never gets bored of the city for one day. It’s fun and more fun till you get tired.

What makes the city of Panama unique?  Like I mentioned earlier, there is never a dull moment when you visits the city of Panama. The city boast of very lovely and serene party beaches, world class hotels for visitors coming for their vacations and night clubs.




Widely regarded to be the best beachfront hotel in Panama City, Sugar sands hotel is in the forefront of party activities in Panama. Just as the sugar we put in our tea or coffee, sugar sands hotel is the sugar in terms of party organization, making you and your families vacation a memorable one. Visitors to Panama City usually go to the Sugar Sands Hotels so that they can witness and experience the beautiful waters of the emerald coast and also having a feeling of the white sands of the Panama City beaches.

Visitors are made to enjoy their every money spent in the place. They have different organized pool parties where people come together to have fun and interact with one another. So there is never a dull moment in Panama’s city most forefront Hotel; Sugar Sands Hotel.

This is Sugar Sands Hotel where vacations are always never to be forgotten and where memories are made and where money is well spent.



Club la vela are the number one night club in the city of Panama. This club is the base for the MTV set and those who love to party. The club boasts of expansive dance hall where people from all works of life come to have a good night life. It also boasts of several bars and areas to make the partiers to be in a comfort state during their party time in the club.

The Club La Vela is the club for the sophisticated and the most sought after people in and outside the city of Panama. Whenever a celebrity especially those in the music and entertainment industry come to Panama City, the first place the person will come to unwind in the Club Le Vela. No place like it.   



By Air

Tocumen’s international Airport is the busiest and the largest Airport in Central America. Flights come in from every part of the world to Panama.




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