Party Destination In Jamaica

Talk about night out, clubs, parties and sand beaches and you talk about the great city of Kingston, Jamaica.  By the virtue of her status as the largest and capital city of Jamaica, Kingston has many natural places to hang out and have fun.

Kingston is one of a kind, boasting of the many best of serene and exotic environment bursting with sunshine and the beats of the Reggae music that feels the air. It can never be better than Kingston, Jamaica when it comes to the sounds of Reggae collections, beats and sounds.

The City is often referred as the Reggae capital of the world because of the fact that the founding father and one of the most influential and instrumental Reggae musician, the great Robert Nesta Marley, widely known as Bob Marley is from the City.

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  • Bacchanal Carnival:

The city of Kingston, Jamaica play host to the carnival which is usually held at every Easter festive period. The carnival swings and rouses the city of Kingston. Though, Kingston, Jamaica does share this carnival with two other cities of the island nation. That of Kingston is widely known and well attended because of the fact that as the Capital of Jamaica, that is any visitors coming into Jamaica first point of contact.

The Bacchanal carnival is a true reflection of the raw Caribbean taste and electrifying atmosphere and environment. It shows the beauty and culture of the Jamaican people portrayed through their dance, costume wears, and exotic drinks and foods.

Of course, Reggae music marks the Bacchanal Carnival because it is the main identifying factor in Kingston, Jamaica. It is the place to be both for those seeking for fun and the ones who want to know about the uniqueness of Kingston, Jamaica.

  • Quad Night club

Quad nightclub is located in the ever bustling town of New Kingston, Jamaica. Quad is a club of choice for the party crazy people of Kingston. It’s a building that houses four different nightclubs altogether called the “Quad”.

As a party and night life person you can make your choice of the club you want to go have fun.


  • The oxygen

This one is the most popular hall amongst the four and it boast of the best and large dance floor which can entertain a great number of people. The settings and environment is synonymous with that of every other nightclub in the world.

The Christopher: If you want to enjoy jazz music and occasional live bands, the Christopher is where you should be. It’s on the ground floor of Quad.

The Voodoo: Located at the top floor, the voodoo is a club where reggae music is played especially the old classical ones. It’s the club for old people.

The Taboo: Simply the club for the gentle guys in town.

So Quad nightclub is the place for all, be you an oldie, young and gentle and the know it all. There is never a dull moment when it comes to partying in Quad.



Just as Kingston is a fun filled city, so also is the issue of violence, theft and drugs smuggling.

  • Don’t ever try to engage yourself in any kind of confrontation with the locals because that could potentially spell doom for you. As a visitor in the city never you go alone especially as a woman to any place you are not familiar with. In the Trench town area of Kingston is well known for a higher risk of crime and violence.


  • Also worthy to note is the attitude of the locals towards the LGBT people in Kingston. If you are a gay or a lesbian and you are planning on coming to Kingston, Jamaica for a vacation, you better watch your back. Many Jamaican’s are hostile towards the gays and lesbians in their community.  That is why Jamaica is referred to as the most homophobic place on earth according to the Human Rights Activist. So never you display your gay or lesbian nature so that you won’t be attacked or harmed in any way.







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