Notting Hill Carinval

Britain’s Biggest Street Party

Every year, the Caribbean communities in England come together to celebrate their culture and tradition in a Carnival that lasts for two days, and this goes as far back as 1964. The celebration consists of some live Caribbean music like reggae, club and salsa. Some term the Carnival the biggest in Europe, while that may be debatable it is certainly the biggest in Britain who are not much of a Carnival people.

The event takes place every August Bank Holiday weekend and is hosted on the streets of London, and it attracts more than 1 million people every year who come to enjoy and revel in the colorful sights and sweet sound of the Caribbean culture and tradition. 


History Of The Notting Hill Carnival

Two different factors seem to have given rise to the Notting Hill Carnival, one was the attempt to sample the musicians of the Steel band who used to play in the Earls Court Of London during the weekends, the second factor was in a bid to celebrate the abolition of slavery and its trade which involves them mocking and mimicking their former slave masters with costumes and make up. This led to the establishment of the costumes and bands seen present in Notting Hill Carnival today.

Notting Hill Carnival Meal

The atmosphere of the Notting Hill is always peculiar with the smell of special Caribbean delicacies especially that of the Jerk Chicken, rice, peas and other special Caribbean cuisines. If you are coming to the Carnival, make sure your stomach is prepared to take in some delicious food, Fried plantain and chicken wings are available in every stall on the street.



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