Is There a Nightlife in Hong Kong

When you think of Hong Kong, the nightlife may not be the first thing to cross your mind as this is a city that is more renowned as a shopping destination and for its family centered attractions. Yet, Hong Kong has a very active nightlife that draws discerning tourists from across the world.

The nightlife in Hong Kong is diverse with an incredible array of activities to do and places to see. Whether you are travelling with friends or with families or solo, there is something for everyone in Hong Kong nightlife.

The rooftop bars in Hong Kong are the main attraction of the night life, especially the bars in Kowloon. Being on the opposite side of this island, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Hong Kong skyline from any of the numerous rooftop bars in Kowloon. The best among these are Ozone, which is also the highest, being 118 floors up in the Ritz Carlton. Eyebar and Aqua Spirit are also very popular among the night crowd in Kowloon and Hong Kong for their excellent ambience, best drinks and delicious food, not to mention the amazing views from there.
The sound and light show called the Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong is a not-to-be missed attraction for a night out in the city. It is also the world’s largest show that is permanent. The buildings on the side of Victoria Harbour are lit up in a show of synchronized beauty that starts at 8 p.m. every night. The Golden Bauhinia Square may be the best spot to catch this spectacular show.

Lan-Kwai-Fon-nightlife-hong-kongSoHo and Lan Kwai Fon are the party zones of Hong Kong. Here you will find numerous bars and pubs that are right in the middle of the business district. SoHo has restaurants featuring global cuisine that are a must-visit for a passionate foodie. In Lan Kwai Fong, be sure to visit The Hong Kong Brew House that has its own microbrewery. You will also get the best beers from around the world here. Stormies is also a popular hangout for diehard spirit lovers.

Lan Kwai Fon is also the place where you will find the clubs that have made Hong Kong one of the clubbing capitals of the Southern part of Asia. Here you will find clubs to cater to every pocket, from the more laidback Volar, Dragon-i and Play to the more upmarket Beijing Club, Bungalow and Propaganda.

A night cruise along Victoria Harbour is one of the more gentle attractions of Hong Kong nightlife, especially for couples. Most of the cruises are timed to coincide with the Symphony of Lights and take you around Hong Kong as well as offer drinks on the house.

The night market at Temple Street will be a heaven for shopaholics. You can get everything from clothing to electronics here at dirt-cheap prices, often not being able to differentiate between an original from a fake product.
No matter what you choose, Hong Kong nightlife has something for everyone!



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