Bars & Nightclubs In Calabar, Nigeria

Popular Hot Zones and Nightlife Destinations in Calabar

Given the popularity of the Calabar Carnival, the city has become a well known party destination for tourists and party goers alike. If you happen to be in Calabar during the Carnival and don’t wish to start and end your party with the Carnival, there are lots of Bars and Nightclubs where you can go blow off some steam and have a good time.

Calabar is a friendly hot spot, as foreigners are treated with respect and so much love. With unusually great European weather, which makes it a hot tourist zone for Europeans, Asians and South-Americans. The night life in Calabar is also as great as its European weather. During the day, the city is peaceful and everybody is going about their various businesses, but in the night…in the night, its a different beast altogether. Below are some of the very best nightlife destinations in Calabar…


  • Beverly Heels

Everybody loves a free WiFi, am certain on that…Beverly Heels helps put its customers into a relaxation mood when the party hasn’t started banging yet with free internet access anywhere within the confines of the clubs building. I know you aren’t going there to browse the internet, but that is just a bonus to the kind of experience you would get at the Heels. You are sure to be treated to some of the mind-blowing clubbing experiences you have ever had, with some crazy DJs spinning it and alcohol going round. But be advised, ladies aren’t allowed into the club with their handbags – club policy.


  • Chester Bar

If you have been to the Transcorp Hotel in Calabar, then you must know Chester Bar. The Bar is placed discreetly in the lobby of Transcorp Hotel and is one of the best place you would want to hangout together with your partner and loved one. Chester Bar takes on a modernized outlook of an Old school Pub. There are varieties in terms of alcohol with cocktails, beers, wines and lots of free selection on the Menu. Although the drinks are somewhat expensive, but what would you expect from such a classy place?


  • Pinnacle Pub

Pinnacle is amongst the most recognized clubs there are in Calabar and it is located within The Mirage Hotel. The Pinnacle is an Iconic Pub in Calabar’s hospitality industry, it is sort of a traditional Pub with a modern setup in terms of services and amenities.  There are many delicacy on the menu if you come with an empty stomach.


  • Mayfair Lounge

If you want so mingle with singles, then Mayfair Lounge is your number one destination. Located in Channel View Hotels which is at the heart of the city of Calabar. Mayfair is for those with money to burn as it is sort of expensive but the experience is well worth it. There is champagne and cocktails on the menu. 


  • Jasper 131 club

At Jasper 131, the night literally wakes up when its party time. This is one of the premium locations for all kinds of night entertainment. With great bar and very comfortable furniture which gives away the kind of classy treatments you are about to get. At jasper’s its all fun and groove till daylight beckons.  


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