Abuja Carnival In Nigeria

The best chance you would ever get to see some of the most beautiful and sexiest black girls in Africa and the world. No other Carnival presents such opportunity than the Abuja Carnival. The Carnival is celebrated by the rest of the states that make up Nigeria, Abuja just happens to be the host venue. People from other neighboring African Countries also come to celebrate and share in the fun of the Carnivals. 







The Carnival takes place every single year and is used to showcase the rich cultural and traditional heritage of Nigeria. More than 100,000 entertainers perform to the pleasure of all that’s present. There are performances by fire eaters, acrobats, magicians, jugglers and jesters.abuja carn

Just like the Calabar Carnival, the Abuja Carnival too commences always at the tail end of every year, usually used to mark the beginning of the Christmas festivities. The celebration of the Carnival can always be extended and continued in some of the best night clubs in Abuja. Since Its Nigeria’s Capital and Political center piece, Nightclubs in Abuja mostly welcome the patronage of wealthy and influential politicians, and there are always girls to go round.


  • Transcorp Hilton Abuja ( Website)

Transcorp is one of the best Hotels ever built in Nigeria with some world class recreational facilities. it has outdoor pool, seven restaurant that serve some delicious delicacies, bars, casinos and shopping arcades. What more can one ask in a Hotel?

  • Sheraton Hotels Abuja ( Website)

A humongous Hotel that has style as it has size. Together with Transcorp, Sheraton is of up there with best in the hotel and hospitality industry. You cant boast of been to the best hotels in Nigeria if you haven’t been to Sheraton.

  • Club Storm 

This is one of the biggest nightclubs in Abuja and it also attracts its fair share of Nigerian celebrities. The clubs is mostly used for some notable events like album listening parties. It is a sure hot spot if you are in Abuja and looking to have some fun.

  • The Hut

The Hut is a nightclub whose name rings louder than many in Abuja. They have a nightclub exclusively for VIPs and also an ordinary nightclub for everyone else. So if you wanna let it all go, you know where the fun is at. The hut also caters for those who love Chinese Cuisine.

  • Klub Vanity

Best among equals, Klub Vanity challenges the best of the best in terms of every experience a nightclub has to offer. It attracts some of the big shots in Abuja and when the fun starts, its always about who would outspend the other, so your pockets need to be hale and hearty to stand the challenge.



The most convenient means to Abuja is by air. The Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport is used by many airlines and that is where your flight is going to land if you are coming from Europe, South America and Asia. When you get to the airport, there are airport taxis there ready to take you anywhere in Abuja.





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