United States Vacation: Culture, Festivals

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Party events in the United States


Celebrations in the US are fun when you are more than 21 years old, because that’s the age when you can be allowed to drink alcohol and go to Clubs. It sucks been under aged, but once you break this barrier by reaching the official age, only then can you get to experience party in the big cities of the United States! Vacation Parties in Las Vegas, the “Sin City” of the United States, the Burning Festival in the desert of Nevada, the Spring Break in Florida and the Carnival the Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans are classics which you must have seen or heard about. Even during the cold season you can’t help but go to hot parties.

In the United States, there are uncountable clubs and Beach bars to that offer that party and holiday environment, where you can come, drink and flirt. Miami, for instance which lies on the southeast coast of the United States, attracts worldwide tourists to party on its famous beach. Miami is a very popular party destination for European and American students, with Nightclubs, like Mansion Club, a former cinema, which stretches over two large dance floors, with a VIP lounge and its own doorman.

The prices for apartments on Ocean Drive vary greatly and start at an average of $80 per night, depending on the whether you want only a room or looking to rent the whole apartment for a party trip. 

Another known region in the United States is Atlantic City on the East coast of the United States; about 3 hours drive away from New York. This city is known for its numerous Casinos and invites you to party vacation. Many nightclubs and bars are located in the vicinity of the long promenade. Some casinos, such as the well-known Caesars have its own nightclub, which is not cheap however. A holiday experience in the United States may vary depending on the city you are in, because it is a vast country with different cultural traits and backgrounds.