Party vacation in Lloret de Mar, Spain

Lloret de Mar is the city that never sleeps! Here, young people from all over Europe, whose common goal is romp and party celebrations, meet and mingle.  Lloret de Mar is located about 70 km northeast of Barcelona on the Costa Brava. From the airport of Girona (Barcelona), there are about 40 kilometres to Lloret de Mar. Today, the city with a millennial history is a party town. With about 100 nightclubs and bars that make the place an attraction point for many young people from all countries.

Lloret de Mar is by far the largest party Centre on the coast where young party travelers meet with friends on the beach during the day, cool off and make new friends, similar to Majorca and Ibiza. Lloret de Mar is still the perfect party trip with an excellent price-performance ratio. You can go back and forth at low cost with the bus and the hotel rates are also extremely cheap. Also cocktails, discotheques and clubs lure guests and tourists with very reasonable prices, especially for students with scarce travel funds. Therefore Lloret de Mar is the number one destination for a party vacation.

Target group, Main Travel Time & Climate in Lloret de Mar

Every year, young people meet in their thousands for party vacation in Lloret de Mar and transform the narrow streets of the city to a uniquely oversized party zone. Despite everything the city has lost, it didn’t lose any of its dreaminess and romance. Whether you enjoy beach parties or the intense night life in clubs and bars, Lloret de Mar is the place to be.

A journey to Lloret de Mar promises party and romance in equal proportions, and the city is just begging to be visited and experienced. The average age is between mostly between 14 and 24 years of age.

The high summer months of June, July and August are very hot with 30 ° C average temperature. In September and October though, the sea has yet some pleasant temperatures, so swimming and other water sports is still possible. The air temperatures hover around pleasant 26-30 ° C.


Well-known clubs, discos & bars in Lloret de Mar

  • St. Trop (Website)
    Celebrate in Lloret de Mar with beautiful views of the village and the coast, just as St.Trop offers. Techno Music is on the agenda, occasionally even a little Hip-hop and r’n ‘ B. The entrance fee is cheap and includes a free drink.
  • Tropics (Website)
    The most Popular place to chill and party in Lloert de Mar is the Tropics. With three dance floors, and good music on the menu the Tropics is always buzzing. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, the Tropics are often very, very full and entry into the club is often booked beforehand.
  •  Revolution (Website)
    Although not quite so centrally located, but still worth a visit: it is  revolutionary and offers a slightly different taste in everything.  An ice fog machine on the dance floor ensures cool enough temperature, light and laser are also used to heat up again the place and make things sweaty and interesting.  Three bars provide all sufficient and the necessary dose of cocktails!
  • Londoner (Website)
    The Londoner offers dynamism when it comes to clubbing. It offers convenience for every color and race, with Hip-Hop, black and r’n ‘ B at its finest. Because of the mixed crowd, the Londoner is always almost closed for entry. The Londoner offers even a week ticket for about €25!
  • Colossos (Website)
    The Colossos is very centrally located in the middle of the street. Here you can get everything you need – mixed music and also colorful crowd on a huge dance floor. Although drinks and admission prices into the club are expensive.  A beer/ Coke costs just 6 Euros or more, not to mention cocktails.

Videos of Lloret de Mar

Giant party in the Revolution

Laser show at the St. Trop

Pictures from Lloret de Mar

How to get to Lloret de Mar

Recommendation: Arrival by plane

A flight to Lloret de Mar of Barcelona is the most convenient arrival party vacation. In just two hours you can get here from Munich at the main airport of El Prat (BCN) in Barcelona. Low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, airberlin and Germanwings  who fly to the airports of Girona (GRO) are located just outside of Barcelona. The fastest arriving from El Prat Lloret de Mar, if one uses the half-hourly trains and buses Terminal T2.

Arrival by bus

Lloret de Mar is connected to Barcelona, Girona, and major European cities by regular and needs regular bus lines. Lloret has an international bus station and private terminals where the foreign buses are dispatched. From Munich, it takes about 14 hours for bus travel to Lloret de Mar. There are many cheap buses for such travels, and here, the party journey begins, all the way to Lloret mostly on the bus ride. During the return journey though, most vacationers are saturated with fun and are mostly asleep.?

Book travel to Lloret de Mar

Here you can book cheap bus travel to Lloret de Mar in Spain. Perfect for party travel, youth travel, Abifahrten, etc.