Party Travel of Mykonos

The island is a pure Party Island where the youthful Greeks come to have fun.
Mykonos offers a unique, diverse and sophisticated nightlife, from the quiet bar revelers on to the Hot Clubs and to the Extroverted Disco.

Since the time of Flower Children, the Greek island enjoys a legendary reputation for nightlife. But everything remains on Mykonos little family, smaller and more manageable – and that makes the charm of the nocturnal atmosphere of the island.

The life & History of Mykonos


The Cycladic forms a cluster of islands in the Southern Aegean Sea. These include Mykonos, Delos, Naxos, Andros and many known larger smaller islands, with clean beaches and seas. On all of the Islands are small picturesque towns and villages, which are architecturally very interesting.

Mykonos means experiencing history

There are pieces of almost all periods of human civilization, from the pre-historical to the classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, fränkisch, Turkish and modern remnants available here. The islands of the Aegean Sea and Mykonos here also offer the travelers a wide range of entertainment. Here you can choose between the modern cosmopolitan centre and idyllic atmosphere, which is still in the outlying villages.

Shopping in Mykonos is always great fun

Mykonos features hundreds of narrow streets, churches and windmills. Since the Second World War, Mykonos has been a tourist centre of international renown. Many travelers from abroad find fascinating variety on the island both in the night and during the day. Mykonos was discovered in the 1950s by movie stars such as Liz Taylor and Anthony Perkins, and the holiday on Mykonos is not reserved to the society alone, people that visit the island come from all over the world and from different social classes.

Those that care so much about fashion see the island as a tourist destination in itself; if you are on the Island best to make plans for, because there are very many beautiful boutiques, so an evening strolling would definitely pay off. Trade booms on the Island too, with gold, silver and other beautiful pieces of jewelry been sold at relatively cheap rates.

Experience The Evening & Nightlife In Mykonos

You can end the day in one of the many cozy restaurants with good traditional Greek cuisine or celebrate through the night on one of the many Parties offered on Mykonos. In Mykonos town or Chora, as it is also called, there are many trendy clubs with lots of charm. It is easy to find the right Club that matches your thirst, or you can go chill in one of the many bars with Greek music in the background. Whatever your idea of a good evening is, guaranteed you can find it here. There is also the place called “Venice”, the artist district directly by the sea is situated duty.

Experience Tradition During the Holidays

You can come here to celebrate many traditional festivals as a tourist also. You can experience quite a different Easter here than you are accustomed to, because in contrast to the Catholic and Protestant churches, Easter for the Orthodox Greeks is a bigger holiday than Christmas.

In Chora, the Good Friday is quite symbolic. When the evening mass is done, the 5 catholic churches in the area proceed with the Sepulchral procession, each set walking at a slow pace to meet at the “Pantanassa” square, each Sepulchral is decorated with flowers and escorted by its parishioners. It is really huge, and as a tourist, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss. A doll is burned on Easter Sunday to represent the time Judas betrayed Jesus.

The 1st of May is celebrated again big, all the houses and many cars are decorated with flowers, and the Greeks go to eat out or have a picnic. This picnic is a large, common spontaneous party, with lots of traditional Greek music and good food.