Carnival in Cologne, celebrate Carnival in Germany

If you are looking for unparalleled fun, party and a bit of all round craziness, then you should always check to know when to take the Carnival to Cologne. For less than a week, the metropolis on the Rhine turns into a single party and German drinking songs is heard miles away.

To celebrate Carnival in Cologne is so much fun, even if the whole thing takes place in the winter, celebrations however don’t bow to temperatures, so whatever the temperature says, you can experience a unique celebration of tradition and modernity, music, with strange looking rituals and colorful parades.

Carne Vale” translated from Latin means goodbye meat and that is where the word Carnival came from. In pagan times, the people celebrated the end of winter with joyous festivities, which is the same way and it is with Carnival in Christian times. In the Middle Ages though, masks and coverings used in the Carnivals, made the Government and of the clergy to criticize it. But the Carnival was also the preparation for lent, which began on Ash Wednesday and lasted until Easter.

 As known today, there is the Carnival in Cologne for over 200 years. When the French conquered the city on the Rhine, they allowed her citizens “de faire son tour” to make their colorful parades through the city, and in 1823, the Cologne Carnival Festival Committee was founded, which is today the Supreme instance of the crazy days. In the same year the first Carnival Monday parade through the town took place, with the triumvirate of Prince, Bauer and Virgin, where the Virgin is represented by a man.

Things You Should Know About The Carnival

The fun of the crazy hustle and bustle knows no age limit, children have their joy in capturing the ‘Kamelle’, the sweets that are thrown at the parade of the cars, so everyone who likes to party, would feel comfortable in the old town of Cologne and the best place is the old market in the heart of Cologne, where bands such as “De Höhner” or also “de black of Fööss” perform.

On Sunday the so-called Schull and Veedelszöch the relocation of schools in the various districts of Cologne will take place. On Rosenmontag, the culmination of three great days is reached, and then many music groups and bands take to the streets across the city.

 The Nubbelverbrennung (Nubbel combustion) is the violet Tuesday, where the Nubbel, a straw doll is ceremonially burned and heralded as the end of crazy time.

Weather & climate in Cologne during Carnival

You should attract warm, if you with to celebrate in the Cologne Carnival, because usually are the three great days of the end of February or beginning of March.


Where would you be going to in cologne?

Below are some of the best Pubs in Cologne that would keep hydrated with alcohol and the likes all through your stay.

  • Gaffel am DOM (website)A real Cologne brewery, in which one is cared for by the Harlan, a waiter with Kölsch, and where you have a great atmosphere “Halven cock”. The prices are good and the atmosphere is even better. With a little luck, you can also find here the Cologne triumvirate.
  • House Unkelbach (website) A very cozy brewery and not only for the Carnival. Here, you can enjoy the real Amanda cuisine and celebrate the three great days. House Unkelbach is a constant feature in Cologne restaurants and has been in the possession of the family for generations.
  • Roonburg (website) The Roonburg in the southern town of Cologne is for the younger fans of the Carnival, because here you can celebrate great parties from Mardi until Ash Wednesday. On two dance floors, one can dance, drink and pass out in a cozy atmosphere.
  • Fleet (website) Fleet is also known for its great and always fun parties on the foolish days. A traditional restaurant in the southern city and far beyond the borders of Cologne. As a typical Cologne Carnival pub known, you can sing, sway, drink and sing along as loud as you want.
  • Inhibitors (website) The inhibitor in Cologne Ehrenfeld is a classic Veedelskneipe (Veedel pub), which enjoys something of a cult status not only during the three great days. With its great atmosphere, you can drink, chat with people and enjoy the Carnival

Videos of the Carnival in Cologne

Carnival in Cologne 2011 – Schull un Veedelszöch

Rosenmontagszug Cologne 2011

Pictures of the Carnival in Cologne

Getting to Cologne

By plane

If you are coming to Cologne by flight, you would land at the airport of Cologne-Bonn and then take the S-Bahn or bus to the city centre.

With the car

Those who arrive by car to the Cologne Carnival, should park the car in one of the suburbs of Cologne and drive with the S-Bahn or subway or a bus to the city center. 

With the Train

Train drivers have the best cards on the crazy days, because from Cologne main station to the Cathedral and the city centre are within walking distance, and if you arrive in a timely manner on Rosenmontag, you can secure the best seats.
Image source: Pixelio: Tino Bahr, Peter A, Gerd Altmann, Moni Sertel