Tomorrowland the Mega Party

To listen listening to music alone is good, together much more better with others. Especially if this occurs during a Festival.
Tomorrowland is an Open-Air Festival of electronic dance music, started since August 2005 in the Belgian village tomorrowland_logoBoom will take place and was hosted by the Media company ID & T and was played in the ‘ de Schorre National Park “. Tomorrowland is popular and known for its fabulous design stage and the grounds. The Festival was getting longer and longer and more popular and there were more and more musicians.
In 2005, Tomorrowland was still a one-day Festival, artist appeared on two dance floors and six tents, in front of several thousand spectators such as Armin van Buuren and Monika Kruse.  In 2007, the Festival for the first time was extended to two days, and in 2009 it recorded a sell out crowd of 90,000 visitors per day. In 2011, it was again extended to three days and a year later it was chosen at the 2012 international dance music awards as “Best Music Event Worldwide”.

Music and design of Tomorrowland

Some of the DJs at the event are, David Guetta, Toni Rios, Ben are Sims, Filterheadz, Axwell, promo, Paul Oakenfold, Monika Kruse, Yves Deruyter. The event is done on a gigantic stage buildings of up to 140 meters on a vast area, which gave the impressions of a whole different world, a fantastic fairy tale world with the best electronic music.



Popularity of Tomorrowland

The Tomorrowland Festival is one of the most popular festivals worldwide. It was twice voted “Best Music Event Worldwide” at the international dance music awards, and also the numbers of the visitors speak for themselves. Since 2009, the Festival sells out every year new, and in 2012 visitors came from over 75 countries.
Overall, Tomorrowland is certainly something very special. A mega party, an event which creates impression that can never be be forgotten so quickly. You can enjoy the art of the biggest DJs of the world live, along with many, many other visitors, which is probably the best way to appreciate this music. You hear magic music in a magical place, which seems to be straight out of a storybook. Yes, Tomorrowland is definitely for fans of electric music. It is an experience for the ears and eyes, and completely safe for the heart.